Refinance Your Second Mortgage

Written by Carrie Reeder

A 2nd mortgage is a secured loan on your property, with your home serving as collateral. Depending onrepparttar particular terms of your second mortgage, you could be able to refinance if you wish to reduce your monthly payments or are in need of extra cash. Refinancing a 2nd mortgage can be an option for those who want to pay off their mortgage (excluding any home equity lines of credit), reducerepparttar 150233 interest rate they currently pay on their second mortgage, or simply want reduce their monthly payments. Refinancing a 2nd mortgage can also be an option ifrepparttar 150234 homeowner wants to pay offrepparttar 150235 mortgage, including home equity lines of credit, and receive cash.

You can refinance your second mortgage even if your credit is less than perfect. Second mortgages are an excellent means of reducing monthly payments and getting extra cash for bills, remodeling needs, or any reasonrepparttar 150236 homeowner sees fit. If your interest rate on your 2nd mortgage is substantially aboverepparttar 150237 current interest rates being offered by most lenders, you may be able to refinance your second mortgage. Sub-prime loans are available for second mortgage refinances and even with adverse credit, you may be able to lowerrepparttar 150238 amount of interest you pay on your second mortgage. A poor credit rating is no reason not to explorerepparttar 150239 possibility of refinancing your 2nd mortgage.

Why Now Could Be The Best Time to Make Money On The Stock Market?

Written by Cory Bain

Do you wish to make money onrepparttar stock market? Would you like to know why there could be no better time then now to make money onrepparttar 150232 stock market? The answer is demographics. Demographics isrepparttar 150233 statistical study ofrepparttar 150234 human population. No doubt you have heard ofrepparttar 150235 baby boom generation. These are individuals born betweenrepparttar 150236 years 1946-1964. They are important because they make up a large percentage of most western civilizations. In fact, Canada hasrepparttar 150237 largest percentage of baby boomers per capita.

The baby boom generation has been influencing our economy throughout their entire lives. For example: ∑The baby food boom ofrepparttar 150238 1950ís ∑The large increase in new schools built in North America duringrepparttar 150239 1960ís ∑Inflation inrepparttar 150240 1970ís ∑The real estate boom ofrepparttar 150241 1980ís ∑The explosive growth of mutual fund investing inrepparttar 150242 1990ís

Also consider these scary facts from a recent study fromrepparttar 150243 US Department of Labor: ∑Only 57% of all households have a retirement account. ∑The average total financial assets is $101,518.85 ∑The average retirement savings is $49,944.82 ∑The median retirement savings is $2,000, which suggestsrepparttar 150244 majority of households are belowrepparttar 150245 average. You can readrepparttar 150246 study yourself at

We have a large percentage ofrepparttar 150247 population approaching retirement and on average not prepared financially. It is only human nature to procrastinate, to enjoyrepparttar 150248 present and wait tillrepparttar 150249 last moment to prepare forrepparttar 150250 future. How can this information help you make money onrepparttar 150251 stock market?

The baby boomer generation is entering their most financially productive years. Most have completely paid off their homes and have a great deal of income to invest into their retirement savings. The influx of capital intorepparttar 150252 stock market will causerepparttar 150253 market as a whole to increase. That is why many leading stock market forecasters, such as Harry S. Dent, see a very strong boom inrepparttar 150254 stock market starting around 2005-2006. During this boomrepparttar 150255 Dow Jones is predicted to increase to 40,000. This is nearly a 400% increase from its current value of roughly 10,600.

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