Reducing the High Cost of Absenteeism

Written by Etienne A. Gibbs, MSW, Management Consultant and Trainer

Employers pay a high price for absenteeism, often more than they may realize, in terms of both financial and production losses and employee morale. Managers may viewrepparttar tasks of finding a substitute employee as a short-term inconvenience; however, absenteeism frequently has more serious long-term effects. Employers can, nevertheless, ensure that employees report in regularly and remain onrepparttar 119482 job.

Before employers can determinerepparttar 119483 best way to combat absenteeism, they must identifyrepparttar 119484 organizational and individual factors that contribute torepparttar 119485 problem. Amongrepparttar 119486 most common potential problem areas employers need to explore arerepparttar 119487 following:

* Job satisfaction: Employees who like their job are more likely to come to work than those who find work unstimulating.

* Work attitude: Some employees come to work no matter how sick they feel, while others call in sick no matter how well they feel.

Maximizing the Two People in Us

Written by Etienne A. Gibbs, MSW, Management Consultant and Trainer

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Everyone of us, in reality, has two people inside: Te person we are today andrepparttar 119482 person we can become tomorrow and inrepparttar 119483 future. We go to work every day, are never late or absent, earn a promotion; and receive occasional raises. We and our work are far above satisfactory. That makes usrepparttar 119484 person who is well liked by our employer, our family, and ourselves.

But there is also another person in us. It isrepparttar 119485 person who, when properly motivated and exposed torepparttar 119486 encouraging information, can narrowrepparttar 119487 gap that exists between his habitual performance patterns and his maximum potential.

The development of people, whether directed by someone else or by us ourselves, is a never-ending process. Torepparttar 119488 productive and well-managed company, this is as important as its advertising.

The development of staff is a really enormous area for additional profit that will mutually affectrepparttar 119489 employer and his employees. The development of people does not, by any stretch ofrepparttar 119490 imagination, involve exploitation or manipulation of human beings. They, themselves, benefit as much or more than doesrepparttar 119491 employer.

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