Recreational Vehicle Buyers Guide

Written by Jason Odom

Recreational Vehicle Buyers Guide

Service Records - If you're buying from an RV dealer and they can't produce something - you've got problems - possibly serious ones. If not, he'd be proudly displayingrepparttar records. There should at least be receipts for repairs, service work, and possibly old owners manuals.

See forrepparttar 102742 advantages and disadvantages of each major class of recreational vehicle onrepparttar 102743 market.

Body Leaks -Other than structural rust, I know of no other exterior related problem that will cost you as much money and cause you as many headaches as exterior body leaks. Body leaks are amongrepparttar 102744 most difficult to fix ifrepparttar 102745 body design is less than first rate. Front facing windows on many Class C's are nearly impossible to stop leaking due to flexing and stress.

I have been incredibly pleased withrepparttar 102746 purchase of my 1993 Class A. However,repparttar 102747 wood over skeleton frame roofs likerepparttar 102748 type Georgie Boy used in this coach has begun to sag betweenrepparttar 102749 support tubes or "skeleton". The weight of air-conditioners, vents, my roof mounted kayaks, and walking up there to fix seams, has permanently created "ponding" issues. Price quote from my very trusted and competent local RV service center was $4,200 to rebuild my entire roof.

Ponding is water sitting onrepparttar 102750 roof whenrepparttar 102751 coach is level. When this happens you have increased chances of leaks, bugs, slime and algae growth, and dirty water run off when you drive somewhere. Rounded formed fiberglass roofs arerepparttar 102752 very best but only appear onrepparttar 102753 newer coaches that were out of my price range.

I have seen $30,000 to $60,000 coaches nearly ruined by leaks that went unchecked. Be especially cautious if you see ANY delamination ofrepparttar 102754 side wall. I have never seenrepparttar 102755 permanent damage fixed for less than $4,000 and that is WITHOUT a guarantee that it won't happen again. This is usually caused by poor roof and seam design.

Nearly everyone underestimates how serious this is. I know I almost bought one. Couldn't figure out why a great looking Santara diesel pusher would only cost $24,000. Then I walked around torepparttar 102756 drivers side and sawrepparttar 102757 fiberglass body delaminating. I didn't think it looked too expensive to repair. I figured caulkrepparttar 102758 seam and just screwrepparttar 102759 panel back tighter torepparttar 102760 frame. Of courserepparttar 102761 salesman agreed.

WRONG! People do not realize especially in older coaches thatrepparttar 102762 WOOD (yes I saidrepparttar 102763 WOOD) that is underrepparttar 102764 fiberglass skin does offer quite a bit ofrepparttar 102765 stability, and rigidity ofrepparttar 102766 exterior. Once it gets wet for a prolonged period of time it rots, breaks down, and becomes heavy enough to causerepparttar 102767 entire skeleton to sag. Windows no longer fit right, seams pop open worse, storage doors underneath stick, and on and on. Do NOT buy an RV with this problem. It can cost as much as $13,000 to fix (highest horror story I have read about onrepparttar 102768 RV chat logs thus far).

Body integrity is one ofrepparttar 102769 more important advantages thatrepparttar 102770 big solidly constructed bus conversions have over 95% ofrepparttar 102771 factory built RV's in use. Do NOT purchase an RV that has signs of leaking without a thorough plan for paying for and fixingrepparttar 102772 problem. Otherwise, I can assure you, it will destroy your experience and investment in a short time.

Hybrid Vehicles Makes a Turn for the More Powerful Vehicles in the Auto Industry:

Written by Jenny McLane

It is common knowledge among car enthusiasts and car owners thatrepparttar biggerrepparttar 102741 vehicle,repparttar 102742 biggerrepparttar 102743 amount of fuel it consumes. With this in mind, several automobile producers have begun diverting a big chunk of their efforts to producing more hybrid 4x4s inrepparttar 102744 year 2005.

Taking onrepparttar 102745 Fleet First. The big three - Ford, Dodge and General Motors have seemed to agree that 2005 isrepparttar 102746 perfect opportunity to introducerepparttar 102747 hybrid versions of some very popular vehicles.

Ford Introducesrepparttar 102748 Ford Escape Hybrid,repparttar 102749 first vehicle to combine SUV capability withrepparttar 102750 outstanding fuel economy and low environmental impact of a full hybrid. "Full" hybrid means it automatically switches between pure electric power, pure gasoline or diesel engine power or a combined operation to optimize efficiency and performance. The no frills Escape Hybrid drives normally, performs superbly and offers allrepparttar 102751 features you'd expect fromrepparttar 102752 SUV leader. The Hybrid Ford Escape features lots of room, comfortable seating for five, an adaptable cargo area, 1000-pound towing capacity, and an optional Intelligent 4WD System which producesrepparttar 102753 same all-weather grip and off-road competence available in conventional Escape models. Full hybrids can achieve 50% or more improvement in fuel economy during traffic induced stop-and-go type of driving, whereinrepparttar 102754 electric motor is most efficient. The Escape Hybrid delivers more than 75% fuel economy improvement in city driving when weighed against a conventional V-6 powered Escape XLT. The Escape Hybrid can travel more than 400 miles in city driving on a single tank of gasoline. Ford has already manufactured and soldrepparttar 102755 4,000 units Ford Escape Hybrid in 2004 and its resounding success has prompted it to build a “modest” 20,000 more for 2005. Ford wants to make sure it is not just a fad and people would seerepparttar 102756 practical, economical and environmental impact a Hybrid vehicle can induce. The Escape Hybrid costs $3,300 more thanrepparttar 102757 V-6 powered Escape.

Dodge and General Motors follow suit. Ford has beenrepparttar 102758 first to produce and setrepparttar 102759 bar inrepparttar 102760 large vehicle Hybrid market segment and Dodge and GM cannot afford to lag behind. General Motors and Dodge are not that far behind though. Inrepparttar 102761 last quarter of 2004, General Motors introduced electric hybrid versions of its 2005 Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra pickups. The trucks were only available to those who are in Florida, California, Nevada, Alaska, Oregon, and Washington. GM expects to produce about 2,500 units in 2005 - 1,875 Silverados and 625 Sierras - withrepparttar 102762 hopes of launchingrepparttar 102763 vehicles on a national scale by 2006. Dodge manufactured only 100 diesel-electric 2005 RAM pickups, targeted for utility company fleets. The diesel will produce better fuel economy, with an additional 15% mpg boost overrepparttar 102764 conventional diesel Ram coming fromrepparttar 102765 electric side. Diesels are generally considered more “environmentally disastrous” onrepparttar 102766 ecological front. The Dodge Ram Diesel Hybrid is expected to sell for around $40,000 a somewhat larger cost thanrepparttar 102767 non-hybrid models.

Heftier Price Tags. Althoughrepparttar 102768 price tags may vary from state to state,repparttar 102769 average increase forrepparttar 102770 cost for a Hybrid option may run well up to $3,000. The GM versions ofrepparttar 102771 Hybrid engine are soft-hybrids, which mean that an electric motor provides a boost up on accelerations. The GM version of a hybrid large vehicle has a stop-start system that turns offrepparttar 102772 gasoline engine at traffic lights. It possesses a 120-volt, 2,400-watt generator system that can provide power for electrical equipments. The Silverado and Sierra hybrids also serves as power generators, with two conventional, three-prong plug-ins that can be found underrepparttar 102773 rear seat, two extra plug-ins can also be found inrepparttar 102774 rear bed ofrepparttar 102775 trucks. The four 120-volt, 20 amp electrical supplementary power outlets can supply power for electric coolers, electric ranges, sound systems video consoles and other electrical equipments that can be lugged around. The power supply can be utilized whilerepparttar 102776 engine is running or even afterrepparttar 102777 engine is cut andrepparttar 102778 keys are taken out ofrepparttar 102779 ignition. Ground fault detection systems are installed inrepparttar 102780 power supply circuits so that overloads and short circuits can be prevented. According to General Motors,repparttar 102781 new hybrid pickups could sustain enough power to last for up to 32 hours non-stop before needing to fillrepparttar 102782 tank again. This function new feature proved to be very useful when GM loaned some of their new Hybrids’ to hurricane stricken Florida when they were used for some relief operations, they were vital in some areas were electricity was incapacitated. The hybrid models ofrepparttar 102783 Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra trucks are foreseen to develop fuel savings of up to 10% over analogous trucks withoutrepparttar 102784 hybrid benefit.

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