Recounting Your New Year Resolutions

Written by Alyice Edrich

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Recounting Your New Year Resolutions By Alyice Edrich

Can you believe we’re inrepparttar 117018 middle of March already? It seemsrepparttar 117019 older I get,repparttar 117020 faster time tries to slip away from me. How are you doing on your New Year’s resolutions?

Since we’ve hitrepparttar 117021 quarter mark of this glorious New Year, I felt it only appropriate to take inventory of my resolutions. And guess what I’ve found? Forrepparttar 117022 first time in years, I am finally right on track!

Don’t let procrastination, lack of organization,repparttar 117023 busyness of life, or too many obligations rob you of meeting your goals this year. Break them down into bite size pieces and work on them every week.

Here’s what I’ve been doing. I have three files on my computer, one titled “task list,” one titled “goals of week master,” and one titled “goals of week.” And here is how I have them broken up:

•Task List: I have my long-term goals broken into categories and every time a new idea pops in my head, I place it inrepparttar 117024 appropriate spot on my long-term goals list. That way, I never feel pressured to get those new ideas done today for fear of forgetting about them, and I won’t lose them on a slip of paper that I accidentally throw away. •Goals of Week Master List: My main business duties,repparttar 117025 ones that are repetitious and have to be done every week, are broken down into digestible chunks and saved in this file. This isrepparttar 117026 file I use to begin tailoring my goals ofrepparttar 117027 week. •Goals of Week List: This isrepparttar 117028 sheet I work from every week. Every Sunday evening, I sit down and plan my week. I break it down into digestible projects and write a single line sentence for each project; not too detailed, just enough that it reminds me ofrepparttar 117029 task at hand. I try to list my projects accordingrepparttar 117030 time each project needs to be completed duringrepparttar 117031 week, and then break it down a step further by listingrepparttar 117032 short projects first and finally, I print my goals list out. If something new comes up that has to take priority, I simply write that project inrepparttar 117033 left hand column. Every time I achieve my goal of completing a project, I cross it off my list. This visual is very important in keeping me on task. Then every Friday, I transfer overrepparttar 117034 things I didn’t complete to next week’s goals list.

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