Record Collecting Still Thriving in the Twenty-first Century

Written by Charles Essmeier

It may surprise many to find thatrepparttar hobby of record collecting, long thought dead afterrepparttar 140245 introduction ofrepparttar 140246 compact disc, is still alive and well. Granted, many music fans have long replaced their records with CDs, but for many Baby Boomers and Generation X-ers,repparttar 140247 hobby of buying and collecting record albums and singles continues to be a focal point in their lives.

Records offerrepparttar 140248 tactile sense of a substantial product, unlikerepparttar 140249 CD. The seven-inch, 45 RPM single often came with a picture sleeve that has no equivalent among compact discs. The nostalgia of records draws many back to their younger days. And records still sound great. A recent check ofrepparttar 140250 Bay auction site showed 959,857 records for sale. That’s just under one million records!

These records aren’t selling at garage-sale prices, either. At any given time, there might be six thousand records byrepparttar 140251 Beatles for sale, some of which have sold for up to $40,000. Elvis isn’t far behind; his first five singles, issued onrepparttar 140252 small Memphis-based, Sun label, routinely bring $2000 at auction in nice condition. Other artists, such asrepparttar 140253 Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, James Brown, or Madonna have issued records that not only command sky-high prices, but also draw a lot

Baroness Elisa and Synergy to Perform in Balestrand Sognafjord Sunday May 29th

Written by Daniel J. Rowe

Baroness Elisa ( is performing with “Synergy” onrepparttar luxury Fred Olsen cruise liner Braemer in Balestrand Sognafjord, Sunday May 29th. "Elegant, but not stuffy" best describesrepparttar 140244 atmosphere on board Braemar which came into service in 2001. At 19,089 tons and with 376 well-appointed cabins and suites, Braemar upholdsrepparttar 140245 Fred Olsen tradition of small-ship intimacy without compromising on personal space. On board,repparttar 140246 Baroness’ performance is small and intimate before returning torepparttar 140247 United States for a charitable event in South Florida later this summer. Baroness Elisa definesrepparttar 140248 best in cabaret theater and South Florida audiences are invited supportrepparttar 140249 leading Gay and Lesbian organization, Compass,in a spectacular charity fundraiser in Delray Beach on Sunday, August 7th. Compass, Inc. (, isrepparttar 140250 Palm Beach County gay and lesbian community center dedicated to promoting pride, diversity, and public awareness of, for, and by Palm Beach County’s lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) residents and visitors. Compass provides social services and support for gay youth and gay families. Compass also offers a clean, safe meeting space for a variety of national, state, and local organizations as well as social, service, support and athletic groups that meetrepparttar 140251 diverse interests ofrepparttar 140252 county’s LGBT people. Compass isrepparttar 140253 largest LGBT community center inrepparttar 140254 Southeast United States and isrepparttar 140255 seventh largest inrepparttar 140256 nation in budget size, staff size and diversity of funded programs.

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