Reclaiming Your Life From Anxiety Symptoms

Written by Charles Linden

Only somebody who has lived with anxiety – as either a sufferer or a carer – knows how devastating it can be. The affect can be seen and felt across every aspect of your life for years and years.

So how does anxiety make you withdraw from life?

Basically, people with anxiety live their lives defensively, at a level where they are merely ‘coping’ instead of ‘embracing’. They are life’s ‘passengers’, passive in their emotional and physical relationship withrepparttar world around them - rather than ‘activists’ who engage with their surroundings and interact with people.

Now I want to share something with you that will probably – hopefully! – shock you.

Have you ever sat down with pen and paper and worked out how much time you spend feeling anxious every day of your life? An hour? Two? Four? Ten?!

If you spend even a single hour a day in anxious mode, that equates to 30 hours a month – that’s two ‘waking’ days every month where you could be playing withrepparttar 150088 kids, training for a marathon run, taking up a hobby, visiting old friends… LIVING your life. Instead, you’re wasting that valuable time on your anxiety.

At it’s worst, I know my anxiety had reachedrepparttar 150089 point where it took over 90% of my waking thoughts. It left me totally exhausted.

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