Reciprocal Linking - A Partnership

Written by Joan Maughan

Link popularity is becomingrepparttar latest "in-thing" to get your website ranking well withrepparttar 150217 Search Engines.

Getting links to your website is critical but there are some guidelines that should be followed for successful Reciprocal Linking. In addition, a lot of website owners are becoming particularly choosey as to who they link with, and they cannot be blamed for this. Linking to good quality websites is paramount.

So where does that leaverepparttar 150218 website owner with a low to average Google Page Ranking?

We will presume for just a moment that your website has an overall Google Page Ranking of between 0 and 3 (out of a possible 10). How can you improve this so that you have a better chance of getting good quality reciprocal links?

Link exchange is notrepparttar 150219 only thing that helps increase your Website Page Ranking. It is a combination of a number of factors, such as :

* Great relevant content. * Designed to keeprepparttar 150220 visitor interested and informed. * Meta Tags should be well optimized. * Keyword density * Frequently updatingrepparttar 150221 content.

There is a lot of free information regarding page ranking - just put "google page ranking" inrepparttar 150222 Google search bar for more details on this topic.

Back to Linking!

Developing a good Links Page on your website takes a lot of effort to start off, especially if you are doing it manually and not using a Link Program.

You need to plan and organize your time so that you can evaluate possible link partners thoroughly. You should check their website to ensure it is of high quality, providing relative information and products to your website theme.

There are a few schools of thought regarding linking to "competitor" websites, some feel it is not a good thing.

However, personally I don't believe it to be detrimental as long as your website offers top quality information and products. After all a little bit of competition helps keep us on our toes. Whether shopping online or offline, people usually browse for bargains orrepparttar 150223 best quality before making a purchase.

This of course, works both ways as your site is also listed on competitor sites. So having a good balance of both competitor sites and related sites isrepparttar 150224 best answer.

Reprint articles hijacked by text link ads - Great for authors!

Written by Glenn Murray

We all know that online publishers earn revenue from our free reprint articles. They place pay-per-click ads onrepparttar web page that containsrepparttar 149702 article, andrepparttar 149703 advertiser pays them whenever someone clicks onrepparttar 149704 ad. Most use programs like Google AdSense which automatically identifyrepparttar 149705 subject ofrepparttar 149706 article and deliver an ad related to that subject.

But did you know that publishers can do a similar thing withinrepparttar 149707 article itself? They can turn any word within your article into an ad! They use programs like TextLinkAds to turn select target keywords into hyperlinks torepparttar 149708 advertiser's website. When a reader clicks on a link,repparttar 149709 advertiser's website opens withinrepparttar 149710 same window. In other words,repparttar 149711 page is 'hijacked' and your article disappears!

Gasp! As authors, we spend a lot of time planning and writing content designed to holdrepparttar 149712 reader's attention. Surely we should condemn anything which hijacks our audience?

The answer to that question is most definitely, “NO!”

As a heavy Internet user, I'm personally not a fan of text link ads. However, as an author of free reprint articles, I think they're great. Before I explain why, though, let's cover off a few basics...

Text link ads – some FAQs

Like every other form of advertising, text link ads have their detractors. The most common questions asked are:

Q: How can I tell if it's a text link ad? A: Although text link ads lookrepparttar 149713 same as text links, you can identify them very quickly simply by mousing (hovering) over them. When you hover over a text link ad for about a second, a popup displaysrepparttar 149714 details ofrepparttar 149715 advertiser andrepparttar 149716 ad content. Check out this example.

Q: Are they ethical? A: Text link ads are more covert than regular pay-per-click ads like Google AdWords. They look like normal text links, but they don't actually jump where you expect them to. For example, I clicked on a text link ad with anchor text “MSN” expecting it would take me to MSN's search, but instead it took me torepparttar 149717 website of some sort of SEO service provider. As we all know, it's quite common for people to link to their site using unrelated anchor text. That's all text link ads are doing. So, by nature, text link ads are no more misleading than any other kind of link.

Q: Are they bad forrepparttar 149718 Web? A: When people can't trustrepparttar 149719 links they're clicking on, won't they stop clicking? Won't this have a detrimental effect onrepparttar 149720 perceived usability ofrepparttar 149721 Web? I said above that text link ads aren't really any more misleading by nature than normal text links. In reality, though, I suspect they may encouragerepparttar 149722 misleading use of anchor text, so in that respect, I think they're detrimental torepparttar 149723 perceived usability ofrepparttar 149724 Web. But does this make them bad forrepparttar 149725 Web? I don't think so. In fact, I think their overall effect will be good. By bringing more advertisers (i.e. businesses) torepparttar 149726 Web, text link ads ultimately makerepparttar 149727 Web more useful. Users will quickly recognize text link ads for what they are and adapt.

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