Reciprocal Link versus Value Exchange

Written by Tim Ong

Most webmasters are familiar withrepparttar concept of reciprocal linking. Reciprocal linking isrepparttar 119321 exchange of links between webmasters withrepparttar 119322 hope of improving their site ranking withrepparttar 119323 search engine. However, as more and more webmasters use reciprocal links to increase their site ranking,repparttar 119324 search engines are also getting smarter and more demanding.

Search engines are increasingly becoming more selective withrepparttar 119325 in-bound links to your website. They are looking not just forrepparttar 119326 number of in-bound links your site may have, but also forrepparttar 119327 quality and relevance of those links to your site. In other words, webmasters can no longer arbitrarily exchange links with others if they wish to improve their site ranking withrepparttar 119328 search engines.

Thus was bornrepparttar 119329 concept of value exchange.

I first heard this concept from Ken Evoy,repparttar 119330 author of "Make Your Site Sell" andrepparttar 119331 creator ofrepparttar 119332 amazing All-in-1 "SiteBuildIt!" webhosting. Ken has always been in favor of building websites that are search-engine friendly. This means your website should aim forrepparttar 119333 same kind of criteria search engines look for in ranking sites. Instead of wasting time figuring shortcut ways to beatrepparttar 119334 search engines, design your website with quality content in mind. That, according to Ken, isrepparttar 119335 only consistent way to rank high withrepparttar 119336 search engines.

The Purpose of PageRank

Written by Michael McLaughlin

I am surerepparttar first thought provoking question that popped into your head would be: what exactly is PageRank? Well PageRank can be summed up as how vital Google considers a particular webpage. Pagerank is a value from 0-10, zero beingrepparttar 119320 least significant and ten of which few obtain beingrepparttar 119321 most note-worthy. PageRank is often abbreviated as PR and Google determines this PR bye evaluating how many websites link to yours, even though many of these links are missed.

Who says Google gets to playrepparttar 119322 role of big brother? Google may berepparttar 119323 leader that people praise and follow, yet why do webmasters allow themselves to be caught up in this publicity stunt? Sure it is a BASIC measurement of how much publicity a website is getting, but what is its real purpose?

As Pagerank gains ground webmasters loose sight of what they originally intended to accomplish. By writing this article I hope to give webmastersrepparttar 119324 foresight to distinguish that inrepparttar 119325 end PageRank won’t be what makes your website a success. Even though hard work and determination may help you achieve this success; skill, luck, and good timing play a bigger roll.

Many a-days I am sifting through my vast amount of spam mail and occasionally receive an email entitled “link exchange.” As I am always intrigued by possible link partners I typically read these emails.

When I come to an email that looks generic and has 100 mailers onrepparttar 119326 list I still give them a chance and then take a look at there website. Upon openingrepparttar 119327 website I am disgusted byrepparttar 119328 huge fonts and banners trying to sell me something, as a habit I look up at my toolbar and see that this website has a Pagerank of 6! What a possibility according to many website owners. The only opportunity I see in these types of links are purely PageRank building. Onrepparttar 119329 other hand…

On a rare occurrence I come across an email titled “our partnership” as this email is already more intriguing I open it urgently and see a nice layout for this email that is directed towards me and my website. Anyways on with my point, I go to this website and see a terrific design plus they offer a unique service. According to habit and maybe a bit of my obsessive compulsive side I checkrepparttar 119330 Pagerank. Humm, this website hasn’t even been indexed by Google yet? Should I exchange links with this website? I am sure most of you are thinking of course not, it would benefit my website in no way. Onrepparttar 119331 contrary this website hasrepparttar 119332 most potential to flourish and send you quality targeted unique's!

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