Recipes for your baby shower

Written by Cathy Cripps

Sunflower Cheese Balls Ingredients: 3 oz. package of Philadelphia cream cheese cup of shredded cheese (Monterey Jack, American or Brick cheese) 1 cup of sunflower seeds 2 tbs. toasted wheat germ

Directions: Leaverepparttar cream cheese out for 30 minutes in room temperature. Afterrepparttar 146765 30 minutes have expired, proceed to mixrepparttar 146766 cream cheese with shredded cheese. Add sunflower seeds torepparttar 146767 mixture and stir them in well.

Baby Shower Food Ideas

Written by Cathy Cripps

Mediterranean Stuffed Sandwich Ingredients: 16 oz. loaf of round peasant-style bread 3 large tomatoes 1 large purple onion 1 green bell pepper 4 oz. crushed feta cheese 6 oz. canned of drained, rinsed tuna cup of sliced kalamata olives 1 cup of fresh basil chopped 2 tbs. of drained, rinsed capers 2 tbs. balsamic vinegar 1 tbs. of Dijon mustard 1 tbs. of olive oil 2 cloves of minced garlic Directions: Cutrepparttar bread horizontally in half, and hollowrepparttar 146764 centre of one half, leaving only a thick shell that has a thickness of 1 in. Thinly slicerepparttar 146765 vegetables (tomato, purple onion, bell pepper), and layer each vegetable ingredient insiderepparttar 146766 shell ofrepparttar 146767 bread. On top ofrepparttar 146768 vegetables placerepparttar 146769 feta cheese, tuna, kalamata olives, basil and capers in that order.

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