Recipe - Spam Rehash

Written by Dale Sexton

What do you do with your spam? Callrepparttar authorities? Send it back torepparttar 132835 sender with expletive text appended? Set it to simmer with white wine sauce? When I have leftover spam, I make spam rehash. You'll need:

1 pop3 mailbox 1 multiple message autoresponder 1 email extractor 1 email verifier as much spam fromrepparttar 132836 market as you can get

Mailbox must be large enough to handle leftover spam. Preferably a pop3 account so you can manage it on your desktop. Don't use a mailbox you don't want spammed, it's hard to get out. Free pop3's can be found at:

Stuff mailbox with leftover spam. You don't know where to get spam? (You have lived a good life.) I shop at FFAL sites, guestbooks, classified ad sites, freebie signups, etc. Anywhere you put your email address, be assured they want to send you mail back.

Best of all, some sites will sell your email address to spam lists. On other sites, mostly guestbooks and classified ads, spammers will harvest your email addresses and send you spam FREE!

After a week or a month (you want it to age), take spam from mailbox. Add spam to email extractor.,,000EG8,.html

Your going to have some bad spam. Don't smell it! Just take my word. You'll have to do some carving to get torepparttar 132837 good stuff. Run spam through email validator. The bad stuff will slide right off.

The price of spamming search engines


One ofrepparttar things I am constantly asked about is why doesn't my content rich website get better placed inrepparttar 132834 search engines. I am told that they have followed allrepparttar 132835 advice about content rich pages, they have used good metatags, yet still cannot get intorepparttar 132836 top 50 never mindrepparttar 132837 top 10.

Now having content rich web pages is a must do, you can't hope to succeed onrepparttar 132838 Internet without them. It's absolutely useless putting up web pages with nothing more than banner ads for your affiliate programmes and expect to sell anything. Your prospective customer has to trust you, and normally has to return several times before they buy from you.

So if all they see is banner ads, they will just click through and buy somewhere else. What you need to do is pre-sell your affiliate merchandise, and leaverepparttar 132839 hard sell torepparttar 132840 merchant involved. Picture this: a customer turns up to your page from that hard earned search engine position, sees 20 banner ads for different products and an attempt to take her money onrepparttar 132841 spot. You now have one suspicious customer and their credit card clicking back torepparttar 132842 search engine for another link.

Onrepparttar 132843 next link she finds an article fairly well written aboutrepparttar 132844 particular subject she is looking for and in that article are links to products that can solverepparttar 132845 problem for her. Bingo a customer who may buy, if she clicks onto that link she goes to your affiliate merchant in a decent frame of mind where you're affiliate merchant can dorepparttar 132846 hard sell and you have earned some commission.

Notice I said fairly well written, because you don't have to be a copy write genius to pre-sell your products. You don't even have to writerepparttar 132847 whole thing yourself, there's nothing wrong with taking a pre written report and changing it to suit your needs, obviously it would be polite and politically expedient to include a mention forrepparttar 132848 original author with his or her website URL. Other than thatrepparttar 132849 article can include all your links inside it.

There are many sites that include free reports with full reprint rights that you can use, and indeed free e-books as well. Onrepparttar 132850 hotbobs site there are a number of free reports and e-books that you can give away from your site.

Web sites come and go each day onrepparttar 132851 Internet. If you visit a web site and find it to be a great resource, show your support for that web site by giving them a link. In addition, tell your enzine subscribers about them. By supporting your favourite web sites, you can show your appreciation for all ofrepparttar 132852 hours and hours of hard work that goes into developingrepparttar 132853 web site and help ensure it will be thererepparttar 132854 next time you visit. Without your support, many of your favourite web sites may not be there inrepparttar 132855 future. Now having gotrepparttar 132856 arguments for content rich sites out ofrepparttar 132857 way its time to addressrepparttar 132858 problem with search engine placement. Nine times out of ten sites that have good content and should have ranked higher, fail to reach their higher placement because ofrepparttar 132859 way they were submitted torepparttar 132860 search engines inrepparttar 132861 first place.

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