Rebuild Website or Perform SEO?

Written by Chris Genge

Rebuild Website or Perform SEO... which should you do first? A lot of website owners are interested in rebuilding their website and in performing search engine optimization (SEO), but can't. Budget constraints won't allow for both and so they struggle with which one to do first. Rebuilding a website is a great idea. Performing SEO is better.

The Internet is vast...truly vast. It is comprised of, at last count, over 8-billion web pages and that number increases daily. People need a map to chart this unimaginably large landscapes and search engines arerepparttar maps. SEO provides pointers to your business onrepparttar 127843 maps; rebuilding your website does not.

If you understandrepparttar 127844 following statement, thenrepparttar 127845 decision is very easy to make - in order to become visible to their second audience (the visitors), websites must first receive adequate top rankings (the first two pages of listing results) by their first audience (the search engines).

Search engine optimization Search engine optimization is probablyrepparttar 127846 single most important marketing technique that a website owner can do to increase visibility and visitors. Greater visibility and highly targeted visitors improve sales, which in turn, improvesrepparttar 127847 bottom-line.

Numerous studies have proven just how important SEO is for online businesses: -50% of those who bought from online retail sites arrived viarepparttar 127848 search engines (, 2002). -Between 85 and 90% of people use search engines to find websites they've never visited before. -The Financial Times reported August 2002, that every day over 340-million web users rely on search engines to locate new businesses (DISC). -57% of Internet users searchrepparttar 127849 web each day, making searchrepparttar 127850 second most popular Internet activity next to checking email (81%) (DISC).

Studies have also proven that SEO hasrepparttar 127851 best return on investment (ROI) of any form of advertising in terms of cost-per-acquisition (CPA). Savvy website owners who realize just how fierce competition onrepparttar 127852 Internet is use SEO to position their business ahead of their competitors. If you are not incorporating SEO as part of a website marketing/promotion strategy you are losing out, because your competition mostly likely is!

If done properly,repparttar 127853 results from SEO are very impressive. One of our long time clients inrepparttar 127854 printing industry has been operatingrepparttar 127855 same site for almost five years. Instead of rebuilding their website which has a very simple design, they decided to perform SEO. That same site now delivers so much business that SEO isrepparttar 127856 only form of sales and marketing they use (both online and offline). Another client now does as much business in one day as it used to in seven. And this client originally wanted to rebuild their site first. And to this day,repparttar 127857 site is stillrepparttar 127858 same except for some minor regular updates. Inrepparttar 127859 past,repparttar 127860 client did a lot of print advertising, but because of great SEO results, they have cut their advertising costs in half and achieved sales growth of 700%! For more great examples, readrepparttar 127861 case studies onrepparttar 127862 Search Engine Marketing Professional Organization (SEMPO) website.

Rebuilding a website Rebuilding a site makes it look nice, provides fresh content, and sometimes improves navigation. Will any of these lead to increased visitors? Most likely not. Making aesthetic changes does very little to increase a website's visibility onrepparttar 127863 Internet. It is estimated that 56% of ALL websites are "lost in cyberspace"! What isrepparttar 127864 point of spending money on rebuilding a site if no one ever sees it? It would be a complete waste of time, money, and effort - all of which translate into a very poor ROI.

Get listed at DMOZ

Written by Jakob Jelling

When you are deciding onrepparttar major search engine directories that you want your website to be listed in, you should not overlook one ofrepparttar 127842 most important ones:repparttar 127843 DMOZ (short form for Directory Mozilla). DMOZ is just another name forrepparttar 127844 Open Directory Project, one ofrepparttar 127845 human-powered submission directories. The Open Directory Project ( was designed and is currently operated by a volunteer group of web editors and reviewers.

It will not cost you a dime to get listed on DMOZ but before you submit your website torepparttar 127846 Open Directory Project for review, you will need to be certain it is developed with DMOZ standards in mind. You will need to go through all of your web pages to make sure that your website is elegant and professional.

Your website design should be already completed atrepparttar 127847 time you makerepparttar 127848 submission. That means thatrepparttar 127849 design of every single web page should be finished. Unfinished websites will be rejected. Also make sure that your website contains valuable and relevant information or your website will get rejected.

One ofrepparttar 127850 benefits of being listed withrepparttar 127851 Open Directory Project is that your website will sooner or later appear in other search engines like Google and Yahoo. This happens becauserepparttar 127852 DMOZ listings are used by numerous search engines and directories, including Google.

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