Rebates: Savings or Scam?

Written by Gary Gray

We’ve all had our issues with rebates. Rememberrepparttar time you purchased that “free” product from Comp USA or Circuit City who then promised you would get your money back? What an easy purchase! But, did you know thatrepparttar 138364 majority of folks never redeem their rebates? If you really ever did get that check inrepparttar 138365 mail, you’re one ofrepparttar 138366 few savvy consumers out there. If not, I want to let everyone in on how to ensure they’re going to be gettingrepparttar 138367 savings they signed up for. Get out a pen and pencil; this may require a little work.

I’ll be honest; I’ve always had a problem with rebates. I’m a consumer aware ofrepparttar 138368 price I’m paying, constantly wondering if my purchase is legitimate or there’s some hidden agenda motivatingrepparttar 138369 seller. Rebates seem to fitrepparttar 138370 bill of a scam. After all, who wants to give something away for free, and how can you make money on that? While rebates can seem promising onrepparttar 138371 surface, they rarely pan out. According to Peter Kastner, executive vice president of Aberdeen Group, only 40% of consumers submit rebates they are entitled to, 40% submitrepparttar 138372 rebate and successfully get a check, and 20% have problems. You think they want you to redeem that rebate? Think again.

But despiterepparttar 138373 difficulties of rebates andrepparttar 138374 burden to redeem, they do offer an opportunity at great savings impossible to find elsewhere. A couple items of due diligence are required when using these cheap discounts. But first let’s explain some ofrepparttar 138375 deception involved.

Atrepparttar 138376 outset, merchants hope you won’t bother. It takes a lot of work to redeem a rebate, so be prepared. In addition,repparttar 138377 redemption process is made to be complicated. Who owes you your rebate,repparttar 138378 retailer orrepparttar 138379 manufacturer? Andrepparttar 138380 tediousness inrepparttar 138381 process will make you so fed up you’ll forget about your savings or give up inrepparttar 138382 process, takingrepparttar 138383 loss as a learning experience.

OK, so we know rebates are difficult at best. But what if everyone turned them in and was willing to follow up on allrepparttar 138384 problems that can be involved? I’ll give you a hint, these retailers would lose money, and rebates would end. But that’s notrepparttar 138385 case: rebates grew from 1 billion to 4 billion dollars from 1999 to 2003, and they continue on today with a presence inrepparttar 138386 online discount shopping arena. Learn how to take advantage of these savings and you’ll be adding to your online shopping smarts.


Written by Judy Thompson

Copyright 2005 Judy Thompson

It happens over and over again. It has happened for many years with store-front businesses and mail-order opportunities. And it seems to be even worse with internet companies.

What is it? The “here today and gone tomorrow” syndrome! Now you see it … and doesn’t it look good? Now it’s gone … it flat disappeared, just like magic! What happened?

Possibly our “instant-thinking society” is largely to blame, along with a mixture of need and greed. We want fast foods, quick lubes, and instant cash!

And when it comes to making money onrepparttar internet, we sure want to believerepparttar 138340 promises of instant success. Its easier to jump in with both feet and think we will get rich with no recruiting and no work, than it is to do our “homework” and dig intorepparttar 138341 facts aboutrepparttar 138342 offer. Hmmm….maybe some of these “opportunities” actually resemble a lottery.

In reality, what all too often happens, is thatrepparttar 138343 so-called “opportunity” was hype andrepparttar 138344 company fails. As people begin to realize that they are not making money, and, perhaps,repparttar 138345 products are pretty much worthless, they start dropping out. Its like a domino effect…the people onrepparttar 138346 bottom quit, thenrepparttar 138347 next group that is now onrepparttar 138348 bottom quit, and this continues until so few people are left, thatrepparttar 138349 company can’t stay in business. If you happen to be an affiliate for that short-term company, you get burned!

What do you need to know to prevent this from happening to you?

You should start by finding out aboutrepparttar 138350 company that you hope will pay you “nice bonus checks” some day. Ifrepparttar 138351 info is not in their literature, ask questions.

I. How long hasrepparttar 138352 company been in business? Well over 90% of new companies will not survive evenrepparttar 138353 first two years! You need to acknowledgerepparttar 138354 fact that if you choose to join one ofrepparttar 138355 “hot new ground floor” opportunities, no matter how good a promoter you have been, ifrepparttar 138356 company fails, you fail, too! Here’s a warning sign to heed: if a promoter tells you that you “need to get in early” or you will lose out, don’t even take a second look!

II. Take a good look atrepparttar 138357 product line. Would you even consider purchasingrepparttar 138358 products for yourself if you did not have a promise of making money? Arerepparttar 138359 products good enough that you would be glad to see your friends use them, even though your friends may have no interest in your business opportunity? Personally, I sometimes order nutrition products from companies simply because I want their products, but do not want to pursue their business opportunity.

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