Reaping the Fruit of Success in Life

Written by Barbara White

Reapingrepparttar Fruit of Success in Life

One way to become more successful in our lives is to look

atrepparttar 138059 lifestyle and habits of people who are already

clearly reapingrepparttar 138060 fruits of success in life and living

and growing towards their unique God given potential. What

are some common characteristics and behaviour that we can

apply to our own lives to help us on our own personal

journey towards excellence? I have spent many years

studying this area, and have discovered that there are

common principles and habits that successful people follow

and see results many times over. Even people who have

achieved great personal growth in their lives know the

importance of having established life habits and daily

motivation towards their personal goals. Here are three

things that are important keys to unleash personal growth.

Three Steps towards Success that can Grow You Beyond Better.

1.Believe in yourself

"You weren't an accident. You weren't mass produced. You

aren't an assembly-line product. You were deliberately

planned, specifically gifted, and lovingly positioned on the

Earth byrepparttar 138061 Master Craftsman"

Max Lucado Best Selling Author

We all are born with a unique personality and gifts and

abilities. There is a purpose for each person’s life and

each person possesses all that is needed to fulfill that

purpose. For more information on discovering your uniqueness

and purpose check out

Believing in oneself is a choice we all have

to make, sometimes many times a day. It is an attitude that

we develop over time. It can be called self confidence, self

esteem or self worth. We cannot base our belief about our

worth on our past, or our circumstances, or other people’s

opinions. We choose to believe we are of value, have

something to offer to others andrepparttar 138062 world, and that our

life has purpose. The strength of what we allow our mind to

think and believe is incredibly powerful. The power of what

we believe will become a self fulfilling prophecy over our

life. It can berepparttar 138063 difference between mediocrity and the

results we desire. Successful people acknowledge their

Too much to do in so little time

Written by Kenia Morales

Are you feeling swamp or overwhelm with work, school, chores etc.? Do you feel paralyze or do not know where to start? These symptoms can be a signal of anxiety, or stress. These problems usually emerge when people are tired or have too many tasks to handle at once. You can solve this problem by taking a break. You will learn that stepping away fromrepparttar situation or problem can help clear your head. Once you come back to your routine you will feel more focused and energized. Therefore, you will perform more effectively.

Here are some tips that can help you release stress in no time.

• Go drink a cup of coffee, tea etc. •Take a nap- When you feel exhausted, take a nap. When you wake up you will feel energize. •Pamper yourself- Take a hot bath, get a pedicure, fix hair etc. and come back feeling and looking better.

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