Realtors - How To Start A Traffic Explosion In Your Spare Time

Written by Stan Smith

I know that you are busy. The average realtor works 14 hours a day showing homes, doing paperwork, listing presentations, and advertising. When you are stretched for time - something usually drops and that "something" is usually your website. I know that you want to get that website to pump out a steady stream of leads - but you don't haverepparttar time to get started.

I was inrepparttar 134280 same boat too until I learned how to use my spare time to promote my website. First, I need to describe what spare time is. Spare time isrepparttar 134281 time you spend waiting for a file to download. Spare time isrepparttar 134282 time that you are waiting for a application to open. Spare time isrepparttar 134283 time you take a breather from paperwork to do a little web surfing. If you takerepparttar 134284 time to look - your day has a lot of these little pockets of time that you can use to promote your website.

Here's what I suggest doing in those little moments in your day:

Write an Article. Openrepparttar 134285 notepad application that comes installed on most computers. Whenever you have a spare moment, start typing out article ideas. They don't have to be well thought out. Just ideas of topics that you think your clients would like to know more about (if you're stumped - browse throughrepparttar 134286 articles at ).

Once you've got a good list, start adding bullet points under each idea. Again you don't have to complete this all in one sitting just do as much as you can before you have to focus on something else. Thoughout your week - gradually add more details to your articles ideas until you have one fairly written out. Now when you get yourself a block of time - finish your article. Make sure you add a "bio box" torepparttar 134287 end of your articles - so prospects will know how to link to your website for more information. An example of a good "bio box" can be found atrepparttar 134288 end of this article

Post Your Article On Your Website This is a very-effective traffic building technique that is easily down in your spare time. When you have a finished article - open your webpage editor and add your article to your site. If you don't have an "Articles" page on your website - create one now! If you don't have an article to post, go to and copy and paste their material on your site (they are a government organization - so you don't have to worry about copyright concerns). I suggest posting one article a week to your website.

Working At Home Isn't For Everybody...

Written by Dan Reinhold

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Working At Home Isn't For Everybody By Dan Reinhold

There is no such thing as working at home.

Really. It doesn't exist. It's not possible. And who are you kidding anyway?

Says who?, you ask?? Just Everybody.

You know in "Everybody says..."

Everybody knows you watch game shows and soap operas all day.

Everybody's sure you can handle this errand. After all,what are you doing that's so important?

Everybody's so glad you're at home...would you watch little Daemon for a few hours?

Everybody gets a good laugh at this "work-at-home" thing, because Everybody will tell you that Everybody has to work for a living. Byrepparttar 134279 way, when are you getting a *real* job?)

Nosirree, no such thing...Instead, there's...Slavery-at-home.

Forget what they say about Lincoln. Who getsrepparttar 134280 grocery list, picks uprepparttar 134281 kids, drops offrepparttar 134282 dry cleaning and prepares a sumptuous meal replete with exquisite delicacies, a breathtaking sensual delight?

Oh, okay...but who opens those cans???

And all atrepparttar 134283 same time, you have those annoying, trivial "work-at-home" details...Scheduling appointments, meeting with clients (on and/or offline!), answering e-mails, processing orders, conducting marketing campaigns, toting barges, lifting bales...

No, my friend, this "work-at-home" fantasy is only a dream. How, in reality, can someone rise inrepparttar 134284 morning and *not* jet off to a forced enclosure where you are carefully guarded and scrutinized by "bosses" and "superiors" who zealously hoardrepparttar 134285 money you earn and pay a position (not you!) what they determine it to be worth.

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