Realistic expectations when starting a home based business

Written by Rebecca Gilbert

Realistic expectations when starting a home based business

- By Rebecca Gilbert

Working out of your home with an internet business can berepparttar most rewarding experience, both personally and financially, that a person can undertake. The internet has made more millionaires than any other vessel in history, and you don't have to any education or experience to obtainrepparttar 116965 riches thatrepparttar 116966 internet has to offer. We all want to make more money, spend time with our family, and these are only a few ofrepparttar 116967 fringe benefits that owning an internet business can provide. However, individuals that have made their fortune onrepparttar 116968 internet have certain characteristics about them that have allowed them to be successful. These riches were not obtained overnight, and they were not obtained without realistic expectations. Lets look at some ofrepparttar 116969 things that would prohibit you from being successful online... Are you currently unemployed? I see so many people sign up for internet programs these days that are not currently employed and expect that an internet business will provide for their families right offrepparttar 116970 bat. Businesses onrepparttar 116971 internet are not 9-5 jobs that pay byrepparttar 116972 hour, they are "businesses", and most pay by commission. As with most businesses, there are things that have to be set in place before you are going to start attracting customers. This does not happen overnight, this is something that you will put in place over time. When this is done over time, your commissions will grow and grow torepparttar 116973 point that an internet business will replace your current income or career. Are you unwilling to invest your money? Many programs onrepparttar 116974 internet offer free sign-ups, free products, and free websites to help an individual get started in a internet home business. This is fantastic, because in order to make money onrepparttar 116975 internet, you have to have a product to sell, and your going to need a website to enable your customers with a place to go to purchase your products. However, visitors won't know that your website exist unless you advertise it. Many high traffic sites onrepparttar 116976 internet will allow you to advertise your products on their site for a fee. Getting your website listing onrepparttar 116977 search engines is free and will supply you with a never ending traffic stream. But many search engines are unwilling to list free affiliate websites. The way that we overcome this is to build our own sites and link them to our affiliate websites. Building your own website will cost you around $25. So as you can see, if you cannot initially invest at least $25 - $50 a month on your internet business, your probably not going to succeed. Are you unwilling to invest your time?

10 Things You Will Hate About A Home Based Business!

Written by BB Lee

10 Things You Will Hate About A Home Based Business by BB Lee (C)2004

Every year thousands of Americans share one very common objective: Starting A Home Based Business!

Although starting a home based business excitesrepparttar imagination: A few caveats exist!

Lets get started withrepparttar 116964 countdown!

1. Take Me Seriously...Please! That's Right! The minute you start your home based business friends and family will not getrepparttar 116965 message! Especially if you are in your PJ's sipping coffee while slumped over your computer keyboard most ofrepparttar 116966 day. They will not hesitate interrupting you during an important telephone call to a client or while you are working on an important report. Many will see your little business as just a hobby. Very frustrating!

2. You Gotta Have Friends/Neighbors. Friends and neighbors will ring you up to chat about your little "hobby" and will not understand why you are taking this new hobby (your business) so seriously. After all you gotta have time for your friends.

3. Isolation Working alone for eight or more hours per day can produce isolated feelings that have you climbing uprepparttar 116967 wall. You will certainly missrepparttar 116968 interaction with co-workers that makesrepparttar 116969 day move along faster.

4. Motivation Do you have an internal coach who keeps you on track to finish work assignments? Are yourepparttar 116970 type who can't wait to get up inrepparttar 116971 morning and get going! Think about it...if you lack drive and will power to push ahead your business will stall.

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