Real to win

Written by ecobika

Game 5 of ACB Finalpresented by ecobika 2-2

Tau Ceramica-Real Madrid (19.00 CET)

If I were kidding, I would say that both teams in must win situation…

The victory of Tau –repparttar champion ofrepparttar 145390 regular season of ACB - would berepparttar 145391 crown of a fantastic season (just rememberrepparttar 145392 Final Four in Moscow,repparttar 145393 victory against CSKA). Butrepparttar 145394 defeat would be logical too (just rememberrepparttar 145395 defeat against Maccabi in Final Four’s Final).

Real –repparttar 145396 second inrepparttar 145397 regular season - isrepparttar 145398 black horse here. Do you believe what Bozidar Maljkovic, coach of Real said? He said: „we don’t have any special surprising tactics, inrepparttar 145399 world of today, where both teams have thousands of videos, we know each other perfectly. Tau has an excellent team, we’ll see, but we already had a fantastic season”.

Camping Food: Easy & Warm Camping Meals.

Written by Marc Wiltse

Dehydrated/freeze-dried camping food is great for hiking, backpacking, or camping meals because you don't have to keep it cold to avoid spoiling.

While coolers/refrigerators can work well in some situations, ice or electricity isn't always available making dehydrated/freeze dried food very attractive. While removingrepparttar water helps preserve camping food it also has another benefit...

Camping, backpacking, or hiking food that's freeze-dried or dehydrated can reduce weight by sixty to ninety percent. If you're carrying a backpack or other hiking gear with a few days worth of camping food and supplies this can make a BIG difference.

As with any prepackaged food you'll probably find most camping food portion/serving sizes extremely optimistic or after a long day of hiking...laughable. I'm not sure who dreamed uprepparttar 145389 system but keep it in mind when you're buying it because otherwise you'll probably be going hungry, or if you're carrying a pack all day you might even be undernourished.

Something else to keep in mind isrepparttar 145390 design ofrepparttar 145391 container itself. The containers with corners can make it difficult forrepparttar 145392 boiling water to mix withrepparttar 145393 camping food leaving dry spots. Also tall narrow containers make it almost impossible to reach inside with a spoon without getting as messy as a two year-old, as you work your way down torepparttar 145394 bottom. (A quick fix is to trim offrepparttar 145395 top as you eat.) And if you're a light eater or use them afterwards for trash some ofrepparttar 145396 containers have a "ziplock" type of closure which can come in handy, if they're not trimmed to ribbons. ;-)

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