Real estate construction revolution – Epilogue

Written by Cameron Lindblom

Despite numerous advantages of eco-houses along with vast research experience and positive attitude of physicians and ecologists, they can hardly take their firm place in our life. The reason for it may be inrepparttar fact thatrepparttar 110090 value ofrepparttar 110091 natural materials (like straw) is too low. A building constructed of straw assembly units can be about five times cheaper than that of conventional brick. It’s easy to make a simple conclusion that massive building of such houses may radically changerepparttar 110092 market situation leading to recession of construction companies’ and developers’ incomes. They don’t have it onrepparttar 110093 agenda right now for sure. Atrepparttar 110094 same time,repparttar 110095 wealthiest people really care about what inheritance they hand down to their descendants. That’s why they are usually concerned withrepparttar 110096 environmental conditions, apart from allrepparttar 110097 financial matters that are on their list of important things. You can never buy new health, can you?

Straw as real estate building material

Written by Cameron Lindblom,

Inrepparttar famous kid’s fairy tale ‘The Three Little Pigs’ one ofrepparttar 110089 pigs built a house of straw that made him almost pay with his life. The pig was blamed inrepparttar 110090 tale for choosingrepparttar 110091 wrong building material. But his material was definitelyrepparttar 110092 right one. He was just not aware of one important secret of construction. However, some ofrepparttar 110093 professional builders knowrepparttar 110094 secret, and they apply it in many places throughoutrepparttar 110095 world. Asrepparttar 110096 result,repparttar 110097 winners ofrepparttar 110098 situation are reasonable American millionaires. Why straw? Firstly, it may sound as a paradox, but straw, when handled correctly, isrepparttar 110099 natural material that maximally resistant to decomposition. The recent researches by US scientists have shown that compressed straw packs about 100 years old contained some sorts of grasses, which have already disappeared. Moreover, they were preserved safe and sound. Geneticists received really unique materials for their work, while builders received confirmation of strength and durability ofrepparttar 110100 forgotten building materials. Secondly, inrepparttar 110101 course of studyingrepparttar 110102 myth about straw’s fire risk was also denied. Fire tests gave out wondering results. Of course straw house can be burned down, unless straw is finished with plaster or stucco, for instance. However, after straw went under finishing, it could compete with metal by refractoriness. The temperature that made metal constructions melt could be resisted by straw structures for extra 40 minutes. Apart from this, straw buildings showed high energy-saving coefficients.

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