Real Estate Wealth Protection With Short Sales

Written by Mark Walters

Is a sharp correction in store forrepparttar real estate market?

Fannie Mae,repparttar 148838 largest buyer of mortgages inrepparttar 148839 US, is worried. They recently warned thatrepparttar 148840 probability of a housing bust has risen sharply in certain parts ofrepparttar 148841 country.

Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac financed about 43% of new home mortgages last year. That's down from 53%repparttar 148842 year before.

Fannie and Freddie only buy "conforming loans" In these days of easy money and competition for borrowers... more lenders are selling mortgages to non-government sponsored loan buying companies. They have less stringent lending standards. That means more risk as it allows home buyers with poor credit records or unconfirmed income to qualify for mortgage loans.

Listen to this! 24% ofrepparttar 148843 sub-prime loans sold to non-conforming buyers in 2004 were adjustable rate mortgages with an interest only feature. And... these mortgages are not restricted to less expensive houses. The share of jumbo mortgages loans ($359,650 & up) accepted without full documentation increased from 27% in 2001 to 51% in 2004.

Fannie Mae warns thatrepparttar 148844 real estate collapse ofrepparttar 148845 late 1980s was preceded by similar patterns.

Some point out thatrepparttar 148846 real estate bubble is effecting value in just certain areas. But they don't understand that just 22 ofrepparttar 148847 most expensive metropolitan markets inrepparttar 148848 U.S. account for 35% ofrepparttar 148849 total value ofrepparttar 148850 country's residential real estate.

If those markets begin to collapse they will shock real estate values everywhere.

What should you do if you are sitting on fat real estate capital gains. First... make plans now. Once a correction (crash) begins you will have a hard time getting out of your property. Values plunge and buyers disappear.

If you don't believe there will be more than a little dip in real estate appreciation and you want to hold on to your property... here's an idea. Userepparttar 148851 stock market as insurance. How do you do that?

Do You Make These 7 Mistakes In Your Business?

Written by Ray L. Edwards

Mistakes. Nobody likes to make them. But when we do we try to learn from them, survive them and then valuerepparttar 'experience' that we now have because of them.

As a internet marketing consultant having worked with many different businesses I've seen a lot of foul-ups in my career. In this article I'll just like to address 7 of these mistakes that have crippled or handicapped many companies that otherwise could have been very successful.

1. Failure to differentiate your business by showingrepparttar 148837 unique benefits you providerepparttar 148838 customer.

Some may call thisrepparttar 148839 Unique Selling Position (USP) or a host of other titles meaningrepparttar 148840 very same thing, but you want to show how you are different from your competition. Even if you are selling a very common product you can still differentiate yourself from your competition by picking one unique quality.

If you own a pizza place then maybe you arerepparttar 148841 only business inrepparttar 148842 area that delivers after midnight or offer star-shaped pizzas. Whatever will help you to stand out fromrepparttar 148843 other pizza places will help you to stand out inrepparttar 148844 customer's mind. Think about how many credit card companies, gas stations, bakeries and a host of other businesses that offer similar services to other companies.

Differentiate and you'll win.

2. Failure to test your advertising strategies.

There are many companies that run various ads. This includes Yellow Pages, radio spots, newspapers and direct mail. Yet they cannot determine which ads are doing well and which are just a waste of money. This is because they do not test to see where their results are coming from.

Any business should have some parameter by which they measure where they are getting results and where their advertising is losing money. Very large corporation are particularly guilty of this because they have large adverting budgets. They can afford to do 'branding' advertising that is not intended to bring a direct measurable response. A small business owner cannot afford such luxury however.

So test, measure and use only what works.

3. Marketing to 'everybody'.

Any business should have a niche or target audience that they market to. Except you are selling water your target audience cannot berepparttar 148845 universal population. And even if you were selling water you may not be able to reach all languages and some people already have an abundance.

If you focus on your target market then you are more likely to get a greater response because your message will be more focused and direct. When you have a target in mind then you are more likely to strike it than to just throw mud up againstrepparttar 148846 wall and hoping that something will stick.

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