Ready To Work At Home?

Written by Ben Shar

Hundreds of people everyday makerepparttar switch from working at a job to working at home. But, this move may sound like an enticing thing to some, but to others it can be devastating. If you plan to begin a work at home career, you need to understandrepparttar 147121 scams that are out there and keep your head up! Here are some tips and ideas to consider.

First of all, it can be quite a challenge to work at home. You will need to be consistent and determined. You will need to set aside time that is dedicated to your work. If you do not, you will get less done, be less happy, and will become overwhelmed. Instead, find a place to dedicate to working and stick with a schedule.

As forrepparttar 147122 work at home scams that are out there, it is almost impossible not to get one offered to you in your email just about every time you turnrepparttar 147123 computer on. Here are some hints to keep in mind.

∑ If it seems too good to be true, it more than likely is. It is just that simple. You are not going to be rich in a few days. You are not going to retire in a month. For any of these opportunities to work, you need to be working hard at it, really hard.

Resume 101: Enhancing the reference checking process

Written by Annemarie Cross, CPRW, CRW, CEIP, CCM, CECC, CWPP

The employment meeting went extremely well. The interviewer was impressed with your abilities; you answeredrepparttar questions superbly; and you were able to develop an excellent rapport withrepparttar 147076 interviewer and other staff atrepparttar 147077 company.

So, now justrepparttar 147078 reference checking process, BUT, unfortunately you did not make it torepparttar 147079 following stage. Why not? Everything went so well. What possibly could have gone wrong?

How often do I hear similar comments from candidates who are at an absolute loss as to why after such great interviews, their applications have been denied.

Have you ever thought that perhaps your reference may be letting you down?

The general procedure a candidate follows in locating and providing references to support their application is either to:

~ provide a list of contactable references on their resumes atrepparttar 147080 time they send their initial application, or:

~ provide contact names after being requested to do so atrepparttar 147081 interview without any prior consideration.

Are these two methods basically what you are currently doing in your career campaign? If so, you need to be aware that both of these methods can be detrimental to your job search.

Unlessrepparttar 147082 application has specifically requested reference details to be included in your initial application do not forward or include details on your resume. As you may be forwarding your resume in response to hundreds of job advertisements this could result in your references receiving numerous calls, which could become quite annoying and ultimately, damaging to your campaign. You want to retain control over who you provide these details to, and presenting a reference list after you have had an opportunity to interview withrepparttar 147083 potential employer will be far more beneficial. Duringrepparttar 147084 interview you may realize that this is notrepparttar 147085 position you originally thought it was, or realize that your personal values and beliefs would be challenged if you were to become employed withrepparttar 147086 organization, and therefore there is no real need to provide reference contact details. Your references will not be unnecessarily contacted, affording their valuable time and energy for a position that you are not interested in.

Letís see how we can enhancerepparttar 147087 entire process of qualifying and contacting appropriate references in order to maximizerepparttar 147088 reference checking process.

Once you locate a position you would like to apply for, you need to decide who would berepparttar 147089 best person to offer as a reference. A human resource staff member who has not worked with you may only be able to confirm dates you worked with them, but not provide details about your performance. A department head may not be able to offer much more information either, however a direct supervisor or colleague who you worked with can present details on your performance, contributions and overall standing inrepparttar 147090 workplace.

Sadly, we can lose contact with previous employers, supervisors or colleagues, however if you are still in contact with them, or would be able to contact them, then this would be to your advantage. It is far more beneficial to use someone who is able to confirm your abilities within a work context rather than, say, a close friend, relative or neighbor, however for some job seekers this is almost impossible. If either ofrepparttar 147091 above situations ring true for you, there are a number of strategies you can consider: ~ Consider providingrepparttar 147092 name of your lecturer or tutor if you have recently completed professional development or courses. The course studied would presumably be relevant torepparttar 147093 position you are targeting, so your tutor could confirm your academic achievements and knowledge in this area. ~ Voluntary work for a local community organization may allow you to providerepparttar 147094 name ofrepparttar 147095 President or other member ofrepparttar 147096 board or committee. ~ A professional or other high-standing member ofrepparttar 147097 community who has known you for many years and can verify your honesty and integrity. These people may include a minister, a doctor or lawyer. ~ Consider putting forwardrepparttar 147098 name of a colleague with whom you have worked if you are unable to locate a previous manager. A colleague would certainly be able to confirm your overall professionalism and experience withinrepparttar 147099 workplace. Perhaps you may be able to providerepparttar 147100 name of your direct supervisor, or even a supervisor from another department who has had some dealings with you on a professional level. ~ A major supplier with whom you have previously dealt could vouch for your professionalism and integrity. ~ A subordinate or a member of a team that you were responsible for could also be considered and could vouch for your leadership and management style. ~ Contact a number of your customers/clients to see if they would be willing to act as a reference. Who better than a previous or existing customer to vouch for your commitment and high standard of work ethic? Once you have decided onrepparttar 147101 best person to offer as a reference, you need to:

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