Ready… Set… Go! Transition Strategies for Caregivers

Written by Dr. Charles Sophy

A Thoughtful Plan Can Diffuserepparttar Power Struggle

Doesrepparttar 143351 thought of asking your child to move on to their next activity unnerve you? Picture this: Your child comes home from school and heads straight forrepparttar 143352 playroom, excited to spend some time with their new Star Wars action figures or Barbie Doll. They play for an hour; you can hear their squeals of delight fromrepparttar 143353 kitchen as you’re preparing dinner. And then,repparttar 143354 moment you dread… it’s time to call your child to dinner. The battle begins.

You call once, no reply. You call again only to be greeted with “In a minute, Mom!” and then “Just a sec” or worse, an exasperated “Okay – I’m coming!” and no hungry child appearing atrepparttar 143355 table. Asrepparttar 143356 food grows cold, your internal temperature rises until you swear you could reheatrepparttar 143357 soup just by sticking your finger in it – and still no hungry child atrepparttar 143358 table.

In childcare, transition times are when you are trying to help children finish an activity or daily routine and move on to another one. During free play, children will often be very engaged in their chosen activity and they will find it difficult to abruptly stop what they are doing. The same holds true for any favorite activity – playingrepparttar 143359 piano, talking onrepparttar 143360 phone with friends or even listening torepparttar 143361 new Green Day CD.

Transitioning from one activity to another is often a difficult time in child care settings. But there’s no reason to throw inrepparttar 143362 towel and admit defeat. Transitions can be transformed into positive experiences by a solid upfront plan. Preparation is your best friend in engaging your child in transition activities.

Transitional activities can be positive and exciting ways of moving children from one activity to another. They can make finishing one activity and moving on to another activity a learning experience and an adventure.

Let’s look at our free play example and incorporate a simple technique to smooth your child’s transition from playtime to dinner time. You may find it helpful to give them a warning that playtime will soon be over. Instead of calling out "five more minutes,” ensure your child has heard you by going directly to them and saying “You have time for one more checkers game. Dinner is in five minutes.”

The warning serves two purposes: 1. It clearly sets a plan for your child to follow (only one more game) and 2. It shifts your child’s focus fromrepparttar 143363 current activity torepparttar 143364 new one.

Some children may take longer to stop one activity and move on torepparttar 143365 next. Even with fair warning, many children will be reluctant to stop playing in favor of doing homework, having dinner, or taking a bath. If your child is unable to switch gears quickly, it is helpful to give this type of child ten-minute, five-minute and one-minute warnings before a change. This allows them to gradually prepare forrepparttar 143366 shift.

Loose Moissanite Stones, A Great Way to Buy Your Moissanite Wedding Jewelry.

Written by Peter Crump

Moissanite is fast becomingrepparttar new diamonds. The newest jewelry stone onrepparttar 143294 market, moissanite is fashionable. Moissanite stones are manufactured to exacting standards, and so produce fine quality jewelry. And loose moissanite stones, being cheaper, can offer a choice of much larger stone sizes than diamonds.

Just witnessrepparttar 143295 number of “stars” who have been seen recently wearing stunning moissanite jewelry. Moissanite jewelry isrepparttar 143296 new jewelry forrepparttar 143297 discriminating buyer.

Not only does moissanite look as good as diamonds, it’s much cheaper.

However before you decide to rush out and buy some moissanite jewelry, think aboutrepparttar 143298 range of options available to you for your jewelry purchase. And think about buying loose moissanite stones.

Lets say you want to buy a stunning moissanite engagement ring.

Firstly, shop onrepparttar 143299 net. Moissanite is more easily sourced onrepparttar 143300 net than at your regular stores, and you usually get a bigger range. Online stores can be much cheaper when buying moissanite than your normal offline store. There are several reasons for this, but it generally boils down to overheads.

Regular stores need to bring their customers torepparttar 143301 store. Sorepparttar 143302 store needs to be nearrepparttar 143303 customers. So there need to be lots of stores to be near lots of customers. So high overheads.

However onrepparttar 143304 netrepparttar 143305 customers come torepparttar 143306 store. So there is only one location needed, and it can be located on cheaper real estate.

So, lower overheads equals lower prices.

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