Read Your Way To Public Speaking Success

Written by Mike Moore

How to Read Your Way to Speaking Success by Mike Moore

The most important thing a speaker can do to enhance a career is to become an authority in their specific subject area. You want to reach a point where people automatically think of you when they are looking for information on your topic or are looking for a speaker for their event.

To do this you must read extensively in your field. I believe that speakers are leaders and leaders are readers. If you don't read then listen to tapes or lectures. You have to learn all you can and more about your subject.

When you read extensively you give yourself a distinct advantage over those who don't. And there are huge numbers of people who don't read.

Statistics show thatrepparttar average person reads less than one book a year after graduating highschool.

* 58 percent never finishrepparttar 146285 book they begin. * 90 percent of book buyers never read beyond chapter one ofrepparttar 146286 book they begin. * 20 percent ofrepparttar 146287 population purchase 80 percent of all books purchased.

Many people who do read do so to be able to function adequately at work. Few read to excel in a specific area of knowledge and huge numbers don't read at all. Looking at these statistics you can see that if you are a voracious reader you have a winning edge over others.

When you stand in front of an audience to deliver a speech there is a lot of presumption present. The audience presumes that you know what you are talking about and have something meaningful and beneficial to give them. On your part you must presume that you are an authority onrepparttar 146288 topic and that you have expertise and knowledge far beyond that of your audience. The only way you can be confident in this presumption is by reading and studying your subject thoroughly.

The Key To Perseverance

Written by Steve Gillman

The Definition Of Perseverance

From a dictionary: "Persisting in or remaining constant to a purpose, idea or task in spite of obstacles." Notice it doesn't start, "Wisely persisting..." Perseverance can clearly be a both a good thing and a bad thing. Remember that when you find yourself wanting to quit something. Quitting might berepparttar wisest choice.

Of course,repparttar 146284 problem withrepparttar 146285 idea that you should quit when something isn't worthrepparttar 146286 effort, is that it's often used as a rationalization. It comes to mind whenrepparttar 146287 effort is difficult, but really is worthwhile. It's confusing at times, so how do you wisely persevere? There are three important aspects to consider.

Keys To Wise Perseverance

1. Self awareness: Notice when you look for excuses, rather than truth. Are you letting fear or laziness cause you to quit or procrastinate? If honestly watching yourself is difficult, explain your reasoning to a friend. Close friends may be more likely than you to know when you're rationalizing. (Think about it fromrepparttar 146288 other direction and you'll see this can be true.)

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