Read Faster, Read Smarter'

Written by Michael Southon

The Internet is a new continent whererepparttar maps are constantly changing. What was a small stream becomes a roaring river. What was a desert becomes a lush green valley.

To keep up withrepparttar 102070 changing landscape ofrepparttar 102071 Internet you must read. Andrepparttar 102072 best place to read about new developments onrepparttar 102073 Internet is in Newsletters or Ezines.

But you may not be reading efficiently.

Did you know that most of us use only 4% to 10% of our mental abilities?

Speed reading is not just about reading faster; it's about learning to use much more ofrepparttar 102074 extraordinary powers ofrepparttar 102075 Mind.

When you read, are you aware of an inner voice that followsrepparttar 102076 words as your eyes move acrossrepparttar 102077 page orrepparttar 102078 computer screen? This inner voice is called 'subvocalization'. You probably experience it as a slight movement inrepparttar 102079 tongue or throat region. As long as you subvocalize, you limit your reading torepparttar 102080 speed of normal speech, to about 300 w.p.m.

The Mind is capable of thinking much faster than that. So when you subvocalize, you're literally holding back your mind. Try this exercise:

As you read, count to yourself, silently, from one to ten. Or, repeatrepparttar 102081 sound 'Eee', 'Eee', 'Eee'. It will be impossible to do this atrepparttar 102082 same time as subvocalizing, so this is an excellent way of breakingrepparttar 102083 habit of subvocalization.

As you do this exercise, you'll become aware that you're no longer processingrepparttar 102084 words inrepparttar 102085 tongue hroat region but in an area called 'thought stream' that you experience inrepparttar 102086 top of your head.

Thought stream moves much faster than subvocalization. And that's why people who subvocalize often have comprehension problems.

There's a mismatch between reading speed and thinking speed. The Mind is constantly racing ahead ofrepparttar 102087 inner voice and so it gets bored. You experience this as an inability to hold your attention on what you're reading. You have to back-skip words, or readrepparttar 102088 same line twice.

As your reading speed catches up with your thinking speed, reading becomes much less tiring and your comprehension improves.

Once you've got a feeling for reading in 'thought stream',repparttar 102089 next thing to do is speed up your eye movements. This will also help breakrepparttar 102090 habit of subvocalization, since your eyes will be moving faster than you can possibly subvocalize.

Your eyes move acrossrepparttar 102091 written page in a series of quick jumps. Between each jump there's a stop lasting a fraction of second, called a 'fixation'. The fixation is whenrepparttar 102092 eye actually takes inrepparttar 102093 written word.

The Top 10 Signs of a Sure Loser!.....or How to weed out your worst enemies within!

Written by Wild Bill Montgomery

This article is actually a part of what I call my "Hot Sheet". Let me Explain. Whenever I am doing a consulting contract offline you will "always" (and I do mean always) find me with a clipboard in my hand when I am on-site. I am forever taking notes about every little thing. When I sit down at night, I recompile my notes into a viable and legible outline. As I am taking my notes I start categorizingrepparttar "Loser List" andrepparttar 102069 "Winner's Circle". These are nothing morerepparttar 102070 my "Pros" and "Cons" lists, but I learned sometime ago to name them for my clients, it gives them a little more incentive to work forrepparttar 102071 Loser List thanrepparttar 102072 "con" list andrepparttar 102073 same forrepparttar 102074 Winner/Pro list. Letís get intorepparttar 102075 list. If you apply this list to your company and find these pros or cons and work (the pros) and against (the cons) I promise you will see improvement in your overall company operation and output. It can't be helped. I have been doing this for awhile offline for small and home based companies and it works very well for them. Get to Work! 1. Genetic Fallbacks: I list this one first because it'srepparttar 102076 worst. Why? It'srepparttar 102077 one that can't be fixed. Short of putting someone else in charge. The problem however is thatrepparttar 102078 shortsighted individual for whatever reason they suffer in this lack of sufficient IQ, 9 times out of 10, they do not, or simply (out of stupid pride) refuse to realizerepparttar 102079 fact. 2. Do What You Love: As I said, I Consult Small/Home Businesses. As many of you already know,repparttar 102080 hours you put in are "killer". If you are planning on going into business for yourself, you better love, and I do mean "L.O.V.E." what you do! Anything less is a catastrophe waiting to happen. The long hours, weekends inrepparttar 102081 office, lost vacations,repparttar 102082 headaches,repparttar 102083 family & spousal complaints,repparttar 102084 financial woes...taxes, bookeepers.....should I go on? 3. You've Got To Have Self-Discipline: One of my Business Professors once said, "The toughest employee you'll ever hire will be yourself". If that ain't true I don't know what is! If you can control your desires and wants and maintain a discipline to work and keep to a schedule a can accomplish anything you set out to do! You arerepparttar 102085 hardest job you'll ever take on my friend! 4. Don't Procrastinate: Here is one that I see more often than not in every level of a company from 1 person home businesses to major corporations. Yes, it'srepparttar 102086 old, "Let's put off today, what we can do tomorrow, syndrome". This one seemingly harmless little act can lead to a "domino" of problems downrepparttar 102087 road. The worst part about procrastinators it is a sickness like alcoholism. People are aware ofrepparttar 102088 problems they are or can be creating by procrastinating, but yet they still do it. 5. The 3 Basic Fears: People have many phobias, but when it comes to their businesses, they can usually be categorized into one of these 3 columns. A. Fear of Poverty People are afraid of taking chances and losing their business, thus ending up in squalor (more on this below). B. Fear of Criticism People fear making decisions based on what other will say about those decisions. Right, Wrong...Who is to say? C. Fear of Death Sincerepparttar 102089 beginning of recorded time man has pondered this fear. So, it is only natural that it carries over intorepparttar 102090 business world as a power to be reckoned with. Fear of death is something we live with daily. Whether it's our death,repparttar 102091 death of a friend orrepparttar 102092 death of a family member or an associate. It could berepparttar 102093 death of a deal orrepparttar 102094 death of our business. Death is universal and uncontrollable in any form.

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