Reactions To Traumatic Events - Part 2

Written by Dr. Dorree Lynn

What to expect: Women A woman's work is never done--so goesrepparttar saying -- and during this time of uncertainty and healing, perhaps this is truer than ever. Women tend to berepparttar 126314 ones responsible for keepingrepparttar 126315 home fires burning, children's schedules organized, andrepparttar 126316 their own lives in order. Plus, she is often involved with community connections, house of worship attendance, food shopping, and even getting her own nails done--often she wears so many hats, she can loose her own head. I can't recall ever having a working woman in therapy who didn't instinctively have her children's schedules easily retrievable, tucked away in some corner of her brain, whatever else she may have been involved in. Women tend to worry about family tradition, past, present and future in a way that men rarely do. Women are hard wired to nurture their young and to keeprepparttar 126317 family together.

During this turbulent time, more than ever, women, needrepparttar 126318 opportunity to talk, to be listened to and to be nurtured. Some women may want more sex, others who were previously interested, shun lovemaking and can't bear to be touched-well maybe held-but nothing more. Men, it helps to remember women that women tend to carryrepparttar 126319 vulnerability of family ties, hearth and home, children's skinned knees and fearful hearts. Be gentle with your loved one. Dorepparttar 126320 unexpected. Bring her flowers, make dinner reservations, and take care of her as best you can. She needs your support right now. And if you give it, you may be surprised at all you reap in return.

The Wizard of Soul

Written by Dr. Dorree Lynn

"He is a good Wizard.

Whether he is a man or not I cannot tell, for I have never seen him."

The Wizard of OZ Frank Baum

The word psychotherapy comes from Greek. Loosely translated, psyche means soul andrepparttar therapeutic herapist is meant to berepparttar 126313 attendant orrepparttar 126314 one dealing with healing ofrepparttar 126315 soul. It wasnít untilrepparttar 126316 late nineteenth century withrepparttar 126317 dramatic input of physicians like Charcot, Freud and others thatrepparttar 126318 psychotherapist became a person entrusted with healingrepparttar 126319 mind separate fromrepparttar 126320 soul. Now, I am not sure whererepparttar 126321 soul is located or exactly what it is, but I am certain that it has little to do withrepparttar 126322 mind as a separate entity.

It is true that psychotherapists are trained professionals, butrepparttar 126323 great ones are more like magicians. They are ordinary mortals whose magic isrepparttar 126324 ability to make you believe in yourself. Yes, they may teach some tools and educate you alongrepparttar 126325 way, but ultimately they are no different thanrepparttar 126326 unmasked mortal who changedrepparttar 126327 lives of those who believed in him inrepparttar 126328 story and beloved movie, The Wizard of Oz.

Dorothy, The Tin Man, The Cowardly Lion andrepparttar 126329 Straw Man soughtrepparttar 126330 Wizard inrepparttar 126331 Emerald City, They followedrepparttar 126332 yellow brick road and after many adventures, each found that they already possessedrepparttar 126333 very qualities they so intensely wanted. Once they found what they were seeking, each could move on and Dorothy could go home. She could return to her own life, asrepparttar 126334 same person, yet changed. An unexpected tornado tossed her into a world she had not planned to enter. Yet once she tookrepparttar 126335 path, what an extraordinary life-changing adventure she had. Life is like that sometimes, isnít it?

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