Reaching Dreams Part 2 - "To-Do" lists

Written by Kara Kelso

Why do you need a "To-Do" list? To reach your goals! Now how can a small daily exersize berepparttar key to reaching your goals? Let me explain:

If you have your goals in place, then you know what you want when you want it. But, if you don't have a plan on how to get their, your goals will never be reached inrepparttar 117297 proper time periods. So let's break this down a little further.

Look at your main, long term goal. Write down all ofrepparttar 117298 things that need to be done to achieve it. Next take a look at your short term goals. How many of those things one your list you just made need to be done in a month to achieve your short term goals? How many in a week? If you set your goals correctly, there should be no problems findingrepparttar 117299 time (and energy) to complete allrepparttar 117300 weekly tasks.

Tips To Organize Your Home Office!

Written by BB Lee

Tips To Organize Your Home Office! by BB Lee(C)2003

550 words

You search your desk frantically for an important file. An email you printed only moments earlier is lost under stacks of overflowing files. The telephone is ringing, but you can't reach it because you are at your fax machine retrieving papers acrossrepparttar room.

You finally answerrepparttar 117296 telephone and search wildly around your desk for a notebook and pencil. You find nothing, zip, nada!

So, what'srepparttar 117297 problem?

You finally realize that if you want your home office to run smoothly you must take immediate steps to organize it.

Whether your business is full-time or part-time. Even if you are starting small or on a grand scale, you will certainly run into problems if you avoid pre-planning and organizing your office interface to run in an efficient manner.

This is a no-brainer! You must organize your space so that all essential office items are within arms reach. This will lead to a smoother, more productive, work day. And make it easier to find needed items at a moments notice.

It's surprising,repparttar 117298 number of serious home office workers who do not understand this important fact.

Are you ready to get organized? Let's get started!

The desk. Get rid of clutter. Go through that stack of paper piled high on your desk. Make this a habit atrepparttar 117299 start ofrepparttar 117300 work day. Be brutal. If you don't need it, toss it inrepparttar 117301 wastebasket.

Now search those desk drawers. Why are you keeping old broken pens, yellowed scotch tape, receipts from purchases made ten years ago or clips from a magazine you read last summer. Either filerepparttar 117302 important stuff or toss it now! Also, purchase desk drawer organizers at your local office supply store. These handy items have compartments to neatly organize your extra essentials.

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