Re-Evaluating Internet Marketing Costs

Written by Micah D. Cranman

Free is good. Free is great because it doesn't cost anything. That's probably why so many marketers have a tendency to gravitate towards free methods of promoting their site. It makes perfect sense.

However, what many Internet marketers forget is that nothing is free -- absolutely nothing. It's a simple, fundamental concept of economics: "There are no free lunches." If you spend time implementing a free marketing method, you've still incurred a cost: your time.

And many people forget that time is your most precious resource; you only get so much of it no matter what you do. So, consider that, depending on what your time is worth to you in dollars, it may be more "expensive" for you to use free marketing yourself than to pay someone else (or another company) to market for you.

Furthermore, remember that you can make your time more valuable by using it only for your most important business activities and therefore making your business more profitable -- yet another reason to pay for marketing and let someone else take care of it for you.

That said, let me recommend a few popular "paid" marketing services. You might be surprised at how much money you "save." - It's a pay-for-rank search engine. Basically, you set up an account and you place a bid on certain keywords. When someone searches for one of those keywords, your site shows up inrepparttar listings ranked based on how much you bid in relation torepparttar 125109 other people who bid for keywords. You pay only when someone clicks onrepparttar 125110 link to your site, not when itrepparttar 125111 listing is shown. Visit - In case you don't know, a listing in Yahoo's directory can bring you hundreds of visitors per day. It used to be free to request inclusion in Yahoo's directory, but now they've moved to a fee-based system for businesses. The cost to submit your site to Yahoo for review is $195, no small sum for a small business, but it's dirt cheap when you consider how much traffic a listing can bring you. Visit Yahoo and how to suggest a site to Yahoo.

How I got my Article Read by 500,000 Subscribers!

Written by David McKenzie

Writing articles is a fantastic way to get free, targeted traffic to your web site. If you direct this traffic to products or services you are selling directly or through affiliate programs this is a great way to boost sales.

An article I recently wrote was featured inrepparttar weekly newsletter that goes out to over 500,000 webmasters and web site owners.

I did not submit my article directly with AddMe, so I assume they picked up my article from one ofrepparttar 125108 dozens of article resource sites that I regularly submit to.

Since my article appeared inrepparttar 125109 newsletter I have received an enormous amount of traffic.

Guess what?

Itís free traffic and itís targeted traffic.

You see, anyone that was interested in reading my article hadrepparttar 125110 opportunity to click onrepparttar 125111 link inrepparttar 125112 resource box atrepparttar 125113 end ofrepparttar 125114 article. This was a link back to my web site. (Many people are curious as to what else you might be offering at your web site so will clickrepparttar 125115 link just to have a look.)

Boy did I get a lot of people hitting that link!

This meant a lot of free, targeted traffic to my web site. It was free because I did not pay anything for it and it was targeted because only people who liked my article went on to clickrepparttar 125116 link.

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