Raw Excitement for the Jeep Hurricane

Written by Jenny McLane

Designing a functional prototype from an idea in such a short time was challenging. It was a tremendous feeling when everything functioned as designedrepparttar first time” said Brett Wallihan, MillenWorks Design Engineer, “You just don’t expect a vehicle to rotate around its own axis like that. It was surreal.”

This statement summed up forrepparttar 136105 high praises and awerepparttar 136106 crowd bestowed onrepparttar 136107 Jeep Hurricane took center stage atrepparttar 136108 Detroit auto show DaimlerChrysler Corporation press conference.

Innovative in style,repparttar 136109 Jeep Hurricane included a centrally located twin-engine transfer case, in-board brakes, drive shafts, front and rear steering, and complete corner assemblies. It has a centrally located transfer case coupling power from both engines and distribute all wheel drive torque to each corner ofrepparttar 136110 vehicle. The Jeep Hurricane's Shift-by-wire mechanisms allowrepparttar 136111 wheels on one side ofrepparttar 136112 vehicle to run in reverse, which, coupled with split solid axles and 55 degrees front and rear wheel toe-in angles, allowsrepparttar 136113 vehicle to rotate around its own axis.

Auto Lemon Laws – About the Arbitration Process

Written by Charles Essmeier

Buying a new car is not something most people do without thought; it generally requires a large investment of time and money. We choose our purchase carefully, and we hope that it will suit our needs, without too much trouble, for years to come. Sometimes, however, things don’t work out that way. Every now and again, some unlucky buyer will end up with a vehicle that has a problem that simply cannot be repaired. These problem vehicles are universally known as “lemons.’

Every state has a “lemon law”, which requires vehicle manufacturers to either replace vehicles that are determined to be lemons with a new vehicle of comparable value or to refundrepparttar purchase price. The process for filing a claim under your state’s Lemon Law varies from state to state, butrepparttar 135825 process often results in a lawsuit, which can drag outrepparttar 135826 process for both parties. An alternative to lawsuits that attempts to be fair to both parties inrepparttar 135827 dispute has been developed, this is known as arbitration. In many states, perhaps yours, arbitration is a required component of filing a lemon law claim. How does arbitration work? Most states have assembled an arbitration panel, which consists of several individuals who are familiar withrepparttar 135828 auto industry, but not tied to it or employed by it in any way. Most owner’s manuals of new cars will outline

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