Raven Breath

Written by K.S. Fellow

Raven breath

By moon light, were didrepparttar raven weep, were did itís blood stained feathers fall. trail to dark haven, were no man has time to smile. It will indeed take a while for any breath to not frost, for any heart to beat warmly. Slowlyrepparttar 146079 reality weaves, likerepparttar 146080 spiderís dewy doilies that drift and flow withrepparttar 146081 heavy night air. Kindled in low winter lighting, so that no color is seen,repparttar 146082 reaching long curling figures ofrepparttar 146083 dark watery faces that live throughrepparttar 146084 pale care ofrepparttar 146085 winds' whip...that brings drips of starry tears, andrepparttar 146086 shad of doubt cultivates many spiraling threads of fears. Reaping what is sewn isrepparttar 146087 unveiling of a deceiverís chortled words and gnarled strands of figures that nudge like fat leaches on back side ones neck. Mirth is onlyrepparttar 146088 last echo ofrepparttar 146089 choked call, if your hands are stained withrepparttar 146090 ravenís dripping liquid of breath.

Ode to a thinker

Written by Sumra

Ode to a Thinker: * Thinker Iíve seen it before so donít say I haven't...........I will not, I will not.....do you see, smell, hear, feel, and taste that Thinker?...I smell it, I hear it, I taste it, I feel it, but I do not see it.... Oh Thinkerrepparttar playfulness,repparttar 146078 smell,repparttar 146079 grass,repparttar 146080 running...... It plays in grass, it smells of grass, it feels like grass and I see it....... Thinker what do you see that I can not?........ two blue pools, a field of wheat, a brown egg, an autumn leaf, you seerepparttar 146081 opposite... Tinker dose it fly whenrepparttar 146082 wings are off?...... it will move and it will eat and it will have no flight with out wings but it will find flight in sleep.......Thinker what are you thinking now.....My memory betrays me, and will betray you as well, our words spin round our lifeís sine, around it hitsrepparttar 146083 same things again and again .........Thinker, Iíve seen it before so donít say I havenít.......I will not, I will not....... do you hold it with in you, do you hold it in your

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