Written by Val K

"Teach them politics and war so their sons may study medicine and math in order to give their children a right to study painting, poetry, music and architecture..." ---John Adams

A deep scar runs halfway across my chest and halfway across my face, from brow to lip, unpretty to look at, children cringe when they see me I amrepparttar stuff of their nightmares and for that I go concealed so that none may see me and fear.

I walk alone, sharing company withrepparttar 136524 winds at peace withrepparttar 136525 elements I am content, but Iím sad. The sadness, it sips through my hooded eyes it is a sadness from within for my physical scars are nothing compared to my scalded insides.

I am disillusioned by what I see why canít people understand that their fellow human is a being just like them; not a thing.

I have walked through many wars carriedrepparttar 136526 infant fromrepparttar 136527 mother in a pool of red. I have walked through desolated plains with that infant, seeking to give it a home. That home I am yet to find. My eyes have dried up of tearsrepparttar 136528 iron clamps of not feeling closing in on my heart, internally mourning my colors have become gray as heavy as this sadness.

You will see me silhouetted inrepparttar 136529 fading orange skies at twilight my clothes flowing before me. This is what I have come to beó a shadow.

Fundraising Run Smoothly

Written by Heidi Richards, MS

Want your next fundraiser to run more smoothly? Here are ten tips to help you create a successful marketing plan.

Put your project plan in writing - Run your fundraiser like a business. A written project plan that spells out all roles and responsibilities is your blueprint for success. Create a timeline - Make sure that your start date and end date are both firm. Make sure your project does not conflict with other major events where your constituency is likely to participate.

Recruit, recruit, recruit (volunteers that is) - Letrepparttar community you serve know that you need more caring individuals to help with your goals. People who volunteer do so because they are asked. So ask! Use your newsletter, website and word of mouth to help in your recruitment efforts.

Incorporate your website - Donít have one? There is no better time thanrepparttar 136362 present to create one. Your website should be used to communicate goals, thank your sponsors, recognize successes, honor individual contributors, tell about upcoming events, etc. Be sure you promote your web site on all your marketing materials.

Look atrepparttar 136363 past to planrepparttar 136364 future - See what's been successful before. Review your records. Find areas that need improvement. What did you do best? Do it again! Is there something you have always done that is onrepparttar 136365 decline. Examinerepparttar 136366 reasons forrepparttar 136367 decline. Perhaps it is time to change course or find a new event. If your stakeholders are bored with a project, chances are, so isrepparttar 136368 audience you serve.

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