Rating The Diets, A Mindless Exercise

Written by Virginia Bola, PsyD

There has been a recent surge inrepparttar experts weighing in (pun intended) on popular and celebrity diets to rate them in terms of effectiveness, nutritional adequacy, and balance. Look atrepparttar 141175 latest crop of magazines, Internet news reports, and television specials.

What is a semi-motivated would-be dieter to do?

Every diet listed seems to give rise to a chorus of criticism. Either it contains too few fruits and vegetables, not enough fiber, not enough fat, or too few calories. The glycemic index is too high or too low,repparttar 141176 nutritional content of its staples are not good enough, there is too much or too little of something.

Who rates what we are eating now? We simply pig out on everything from pizza, to fast food, to snacks (did you know that potato chips arerepparttar 141177 most popular snack food in America - accompanying 32% of our lunches?), desserts, ice cream and beer.

While it would be nice, I suppose, to have a population who ate only healthy foods, in moderation, exercised daily, and took care to ingest at leastrepparttar 141178 minimum requirement of vitamins and minerals, that is not reality, my friend. We overeat on allrepparttar 141179 wrong foods, we avoid regular exercise likerepparttar 141180 plague, and huff and puff our way into enlarged bodies that are twenty to fifty pounds heavier than our frames deserve.

Any way that we can take off some or all of that weight is worthwhile. No one is going to stay on any ofrepparttar 141181 popular diets for a lifetime, let's face it. We look at them as temporary (which is part ofrepparttar 141182 problem, but I digress) fixes. The last thing we need are experts who make us afraid to start because we might not be obtainingrepparttar 141183 right nutrition. Or do we take a certain degree of self-satisfaction in telling ourselves that we can't start untilrepparttar 141184 "perfect diet" is identified?

Exercise: Essential

Written by David McCormick

The only absolute truth inrepparttar area of exercise and weight loss is this: Becoming more physically active will burn calories, and as long as you don't absorb those calories back by eating more, you will lose weight. Getting active and getting your muscles to burn more calories is an essential part of a weight management program. It will improve your circulation and your nervous system more than any diet could. Regular exercise can fight all signs of aging, lower cholesterol ratings and reduce osteoporosis. Butrepparttar 141074 question that fuelsrepparttar 141075 multi-million dollar fitness industry is, "What exercise is best?"

This is a very contentious area. Mr. Weightless will only tellrepparttar 141076 simple truth, so below isrepparttar 141077 information that has been proven to be true, butrepparttar 141078 final judgment is yours.

Slow and Steady Winsrepparttar 141079 Race...

Slow and steady exercise that raises your heart rate a significant amount, but that still allows you to breathe without struggling for at least 20 minutes will encourage fat loss. This is called aerobic exercise. The term aerobic means "with air", meaning that your muscles are burning sugar and fat inrepparttar 141080 presence of oxygen. To be able to burn calories inrepparttar 141081 presence of oxygen, you have to be taking regular breaths, sorepparttar 141082 activity you're doing must be a moderate pace, at most. For many people who are overweight, this can mean simply a fast walk. For many athletes, this may be a quick jog. It doesn't matter where you are alongrepparttar 141083 spectrum as long as your heart rate is raised and you can breathe normally or carry on a conversation.

Why 20 minutes? At first, your body will only burn blood-sugar because it is readily available. If you keep going long enough, your body realizes that blood-sugar won't be enough, so it starts burning fat as well. If you stop exercising before this happens, then your body will simply be tired and you will feel hungry because your blood-sugar will be low (see my article on Satiety, click here). Your body wants to retainrepparttar 141084 fat and avoid burning it. This is a survival mechanism... read my article on Adaptation that you can find on my website.

...Or Does Maximum Intensity?

There is another school of thought that has had similar success with just as much good theory behind it. Vigorous exercise for 10-15 minutes will burn just as many calories from your blood-sugar as a longer duration exercise, but it will also raise your metabolism for many hours afterwards. In other words, you won't burn fat during your workout, but you will slowly burn fat for a period of time after finishing. This method has been shown to have more dramatic effects on lowering body-fat thanrepparttar 141085 low-intensity exercise described above. This is anaerobic exercise, meaning "without air". You'll be going fast enough that your breathing won't be enough to fuelrepparttar 141086 calorie burning. Carbohydrates (blood sugar) will burn without oxygen, which leads torepparttar 141087 creation of lactic acid. This is what accumulates in your muscles, and makes them feel like they're burning.

However, there are serious drawbacks to this method, which make it difficult to recommend this strategy exclusively. Before embracingrepparttar 141088 high-intensity mindset, read below.

First, if a person is just starting a program, they risk serious injury if they try to exercise too vigorously. Knees, hips and ankle joints are very common injury sites, and muscle cramping can be very painful even if it is short-lived. Don't exercise at your peak intensity until you're used to exercising!

Secondly, high-energy activities tend to be high-impact onrepparttar 141089 body. Running fast, playing racketball, and jumping jacks wear downrepparttar 141090 connective tissues inrepparttar 141091 body, so even if a person is not directly injured, they are causing long-term damage. People who run road races often have chronic hip, knee and ankle pain. If you decide to pursue this type of high-energy program, I highly recommend a reclined stationary bike to reducerepparttar 141092 strain on your joints.

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