Ranking The Search Engines

Written by Drew Waters

We can each spend so much time concerned with how our website/s are ranking onrepparttar Search Engines… Let’s step back for a minute and look at howrepparttar 128146 Search Engines themselves are ranking. Where are people, our customers, searching? Which Search Engines are deliveringrepparttar 128147 bulk of results? With answers to these questions we can re-focus our efforts to ensure that were not wasting our time trying to gain exposure inrepparttar 128148 wrong places.

There are two ways we can rankrepparttar 128149 search engines. The first, is in terms of Popularity;repparttar 128150 number of people that are usingrepparttar 128151 search engines to find products, services and information. The second, and perhaps most important factor from a marketing point of view, is Audience Reach;repparttar 128152 number of search portals that a Search Engine is showing its results through each day, thereby reachingrepparttar 128153 maximum number of people.

First, lets look at Popularity. The following search engine popularity figures were compiled by Neilson/NetRatings, a provider of digital audience information and analysis. This company monitors over 225,000 individuals in 26 countries to gather its Internet usage results.

In October 2002, Search Engine Popularity inrepparttar 128154 U.S. was as follows:

Google 29.2% Yahoo 28.5% MSN 28.1% AOL 19.7% Ask Jeeves 10.3% Netscape 5.5% Overture 5.4% InfoSpace 5.1% AltaVista 4.4% Lycos 4.4% LookSmart 3.0% Earthlink 1.8%

(source: Search Engine Watch)

These figures tell us a lot about search engine usage; where people are going to find their information. But what they don’t tell us are more important facts about how widespread each search engine’s listings are acrossrepparttar 128155 Internet as a whole.

Let’s look at this from a marketing perspective. Most major search engines have agreements in place with each other and with different search portals to display their results. This means that their Audience Reach is actually much larger or smaller thanrepparttar 128156 Neilson/NetRatings results suggest.

Although actual figures are hard to determine, here’s howrepparttar 128157 search engines rank fromrepparttar 128158 perspective of Audience Reach:

1. Google Every web user, in every country, has access to Google’s search results. As well as providing results via its own search pages, Google supplies search results to Yahoo, AOL, Ask Jeeves, Netscape, EarthLink and AT&T. Search services InfoSpace, IWON and Simpatico.ca (Canada) also display their listings. A high ranking listing at Google will return an enormous amount of targeted traffic to your site because of its wide audience reach through partner search sites.

2. Overture (formally GoTo.com) Overture is a pay-per-click search engine. Its audience reach is also extremely wide. Overture’s top three search results are displayed asrepparttar 128159 premier listings on Altavista, MSN, Lycos, AllTheWeb(aka FAST), Excite and Go.com. Its results are also displayed on hundreds of smaller search portals. If your goal is to gain maximum exposure within a few days and you are prepared to pay for it, Overture will deliver maximum audience reach.

3. Inktomi Inktomi is not a search engine as such, but a database comprised of paid listings delivered to its search partners. Inktomi results are usually displayed on each of its partners sites as secondary search results. Its listings are displayed at: MSN, LookSmart, About.com, HotBot, Overture, espotting.com (Europe) Terra.co(Spanish network), goo.ne.jp (Japan)

Search Engine Submissions Made Easy (Part II)

Written by Robin Nobles

AltaVista (Provides results to AltaVista) Purchase at: http://addurl.altavista.com/


* Upon submission, your pages will make it intorepparttar AltaVista index within 2 business days.

* Your pages are respidered every 24 hours.

* The term ofrepparttar 128145 pay inclusion program is 6 months.

* Reporting services are included, such as tracking submissions and transactions through their online Account Management Center.

* The audience reach of AltaVista, according to Nielsen NetRatings in October 2002, was: AltaVista: 4.4% . Source: (http://www.searchenginewatch.com/reports/netratings.html)

* Cost? $39 forrepparttar 128146 first URL, and $29 each for 2-10 URL's, then $19 each for 11 to 500 URLs. So,repparttar 128147 total cost for our three pages for **six months** would be $97. The cost per year would be $194.


AltaVista's pay inclusion is more expensive thanrepparttar 128148 others, and AV doesn't haverepparttar 128149 coverage that some ofrepparttar 128150 other engines have. Plus, their pay inclusion program is only for six months, as compared to a full year withrepparttar 128151 other programs.

So, you'll have to decide whether you feel it's worthrepparttar 128152 cost.

AltaVista isrepparttar 128153 one engine where you can still use their free add URL without being placed intorepparttar 128154 same category asrepparttar 128155 huge group of "free add URL spammers," because AltaVista's free add URL process doesn't allow mass submissions. Instead, their unique "puzzle submission" process requires you to enter a submission code intorepparttar 128156 submission box, and you can only submit five URLs at no cost. So, if you want to use free add URL for one ofrepparttar 128157 engines, AltaVista's isrepparttar 128158 one to use. http://addurl.altavista.com/addurl/new

Total Costs So Far

With our example, considering that this is a brand new Web site with zero visibility, we'll figure outrepparttar 128159 cost for our three pages based on using AltaVista's pay inclusion program and on not using their program.

Subtotal of Yearly Pay Inclusion Costs Without AltaVista: $221 (for 3 pages) (Includesrepparttar 128160 Inktomi engines,repparttar 128161 Fast engines, Teoma, and Ask Jeeves. This does NOT include AltaVista.)

Subtotal of Yearly Pay Inclusion Costs With AltaVista: $415 (for 3 pages) (Includesrepparttar 128162 Inktomi engines,repparttar 128163 Fast engines, Teoma, Ask Jeeves, and AltaVista.)

Yahoo! http://www.yahoo.com

You might be wondering why I haven't listedrepparttar 128164 Yahoo! directory in this listing of pay inclusion programs. Withrepparttar 128165 way that Yahoo! now displays results, which are almost a duplication of Google results,repparttar 128166 importance of submitting torepparttar 128167 Yahoo! directory at a yearly cost of $299 has diminished. Depending on where things go from here with Yahoo!, having purchasedrepparttar 128168 Inktomi engine, this is subject to immediate change. But, at this point in time, paying to be included inrepparttar 128169 Yahoo! directory isn't anywhere near as important as it once was. If you have good visibility in Google, you should have good visibility in Yahoo!.

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