Ranked #1 at Google for "Invisible Entrepreneurs" But No Traffic?

Written by Mike Banks Valentine

copyright © July 14, 2005

I am ranked #1 for that silly phrase at Google. So What?

Here's a secret. You can be ranked #1 at Google forrepparttar phrase "Waterfall Watches" if you putrepparttar 143146 phrase on your page 4 times and in metatags twice. How do I know that? I did it in 2001 and still rank number one in Google forrepparttar 143147 phrase in 2005. On another of my sites I rank #1 forrepparttar 143148 phrase "Screeching Camels" by simply putting it onrepparttar 143149 page once in a comment about silly SEO guarantees.

I'll wager that many phrases you've targeted for your business are almost as silly and deliver NO traffic to your pages fromrepparttar 143150 search engines. Don't take that too personally. Simply look at your traffic statistics to see what phrases are bringing visitors to your web site. If your logs show no delivered traffic for keywords you thought were golden, you've targetedrepparttar 143151 wrong phrases.

I'm always fascinated when discussions of search engines focus excessively on ranking of a particular site in one particular search engine without checking corresponding statistics about referred traffic delivered torepparttar 143152 site fromrepparttar 143153 targeted keyword phrase. Referred search visits from engines is not taken into account. Anyone who looks at their rankings without looking at how much traffic is referred and DELIVERED to your site throughrepparttar 143154 rankings is missingrepparttar 143155 most important part ofrepparttar 143156 story!

When you check your site traffic statistics for where visitors are coming from and in what numbers, for which keyword searches and from which search engines, you will be astonished to see that things you think are important are sometimes not so important. I've struggled for years to gain top rankings for "Small Business Ecommerce" and have achieved #1 at Google #5 at MSN and #13 at Yahoo (at this writing).

But guess what? Nobody searches for that phrase in significant enough numbers to deliver any traffic from it! I'm not saying that this was wasted effort, because inrepparttar 143157 over 1000 pages at WebSite101 we have enough related phrases thatrepparttar 143158 targeted phrase contributes torepparttar 143159 rank of hundreds of related phrases. "Open Source Ecommerce" gets huge traffic for one single page, ranked at # 29 in Yahoo, #7 at MSN and #1 in Google (as of this writing).

Butrepparttar 143160 really interesting thing is that even on phrases that rank equally well across all three major engines, Google delivers referred traffic at a rate of 65% compared to MSN at less than 1% and Yahoo about 5% of all referred visitor traffic. In NO case does Yahoo or MSN refer any clickthroughs at higher than 10% of all referred traffic.

How I Increased my site traffic by 75% in 30 days

Written by Syd Johnson

1. Page Title – Google likes a good page name. If you look atrepparttar top ten listing for any search term you will see thatrepparttar 143145 name ofrepparttar 143146 page is often more important thanrepparttar 143147 domain name. The page name isrepparttar 143148 unique factor that will prompt web surfers to click over to your site.

Most people don’t spend their time sifting throughrepparttar 143149 domain name and evenrepparttar 143150 site description. Pick a good page name and it could makerepparttar 143151 difference inrepparttar 143152 order of your listing and whether or not you get that click.

2. Page Name – Yahoo seems to heavily favorrepparttar 143153 long page name route. I have had pages appear inrepparttar 143154 top ten searches with really long URLs. Ifrepparttar 143155 URL matchesrepparttar 143156 exact search phrase that was typed intorepparttar 143157 search engine, I can usually get my page inrepparttar 143158 top 10 searches.

3. Content over SEO – Having good site content is a much better strategy than stuffing your pages with keywords. Too many keywords can get you penalized or banned fromrepparttar 143159 search engines. Good site content will keep you inrepparttar 143160 engines and prompt people to make one way links to your website and internal pages.

4. Be useful – The most popular sites are consistentlyrepparttar 143161 ones that offer great tools, tips and advice. Offer free articles, web tools, how to advice, instructions, maps, phone numbers, insider tips etc. These arerepparttar 143162 things that will make your site sticky. You will become an important resource worthy of a bookmark and possibly backlinks.

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