Rainbow Gardens For Your Vegas wedding

Written by Randy Wilson

Rainbow Gardens of Las Vegas offers an array of services, tips, and guidelines to help you get started in planning your special day. Choose a lovely las Vegas chapel where you and your beloved will exchange vows in a setting that will never be forgotten. Rainbow Gardens promises a lifetime of memories torepparttar lucky couple that stages their nuptials at this scenic location.

Since 1985 this attractive las Vegas wedding chapel has been uniting couples in a gorgeous setting that features tall palms, glowing lights, and sensual romance. Flowers, statues, and stylish furnishings provide an ornate backdrop for your special ceremony. Visitrepparttar 142944 Formal Room online for a view ofrepparttar 142945 elegance you can experience when hosting a reception at this unique wedding chapel in las Vegas. Or check outrepparttar 142946 Garden Room for a fabulous outdoor set that hasrepparttar 142947 only climate-controlled garden in this area of competitive las Vegas wedding chapels. .

Miles of twinkling lights cast a twilit effect over your romantic ceremony. About 350 chairs and tables can be set up to accommodate a sit-down or buffet-style meal for your guests. World-class chefs in a dazzling display of elegance and grandeur prepare gourmet meals. Beef tenderloin kebabs or southwestern crab cakes hold places of honor amongrepparttar 142948 house specialties. But donít forget to save room forrepparttar 142949 chocolate dipped strawberries and assorted truffles that will precede your impressive wedding cake.

My Vegas Wedding Chapel

Written by Randy Wilson

Findingrepparttar right Las Vegas chapel for your wedding can be daunting. There is a themed Las Vegas wedding chapel for every mood and occasion, from Cadillac to Elvis and even Goth. But if you want a traditional ceremony, this may berepparttar 142943 place to shop for a wedding chapel in Las Vegas where you can arrange a meaningful, memorable nuptial event.

Many Las Vegas wedding chapels deliver a minimum plan for a maximum price. But My Vegas Wedding Chapel is a no-nonsense chapel that deliversrepparttar 142944 information you need to make an informed planning decision. Some Las Vegas chapels put on weddings for show, but this service means business whenrepparttar 142945 coordinators work to make your celebration one that will be remembered with fondness forrepparttar 142946 rest of your lives.

Your Teddy Bear and King with Love are two ofrepparttar 142947 unusual wedding packages featured here. You can even get a limo wedding or a wedding with dinner, as opposed to a full reception. Traditional weddings also are featured with names like To Love and To Cherish and Endless Love. Prices begin at $199 and soar to more than $1,100.

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