Rail Breaks – Why many people are turning their backs on flying.

Written by Robin Richmond

According to statistics supplied by Great Rail Journeys (GRJ) – one ofrepparttar UK’s premier holiday companies that specialise in rail - an amazing 40,000 Britons are taking package rail holidays every year. These figures would have been hard to believe some five to ten years ago whenrepparttar 149597 phrase “British Rail” was synonymous with poor service and unreliable transport. However, as we will learn taking a holiday via train has become increasing popular amongst persons who prefer a more comfortable and yet adventurous way of travelling.

Traditional railway holidays were very muchrepparttar 149598 norm in 50’s Britain. Be it short breaks to cities such as London, York or Edinburgh or exciting trips across continental Europe many Briton’s grew up withrepparttar 149599 rail package holiday. It is perhaps as a result of this thatrepparttar 149600 back bone ofrepparttar 149601 rail holiday industry inrepparttar 149602 UK is couples in their sixties and seventies relivingrepparttar 149603 vacations of their youth. Be it rushing to make tight connecting flights, crowed airports or a simple fear of flying – many travellers today simply don’t want to get from a to b on an airplane. The very fact you have allocated more time out of your schedule to travel by rail ensuresrepparttar 149604 whole experience can be a great deal calmer – which is one ofrepparttar 149605 key reasons why it is popular withrepparttar 149606 elderly market

However, this trend is certainly changing slowly – with more younger travellers choosing rail over flying. One popular type of rail holiday is EuRail trips across Europe. Often associated with backpackers,repparttar 149607 Eurailpass is one ofrepparttar 149608 most convenient ways to see Europe asrepparttar 149609 ticket offers unlimited train travel throughout 18 countries on their network – includingrepparttar 149610 whole of Scandinavia. With frequent departures on busy routes, it is oftenrepparttar 149611 case thatrepparttar 149612 train is a faster option than flying when you considerrepparttar 149613 commuting time it takes to reach most European airports onrepparttar 149614 edge of busy cities. This is especiallyrepparttar 149615 case when using fast train services such asrepparttar 149616 German ICE, French TGV or indeedrepparttar 149617 Eurostar which connects France with London.

RoomSaver.com Travelers Are Loyal to Hotel Rates, Not Brands

Written by Jackie Moniot

July 14, 2005- In a recent survey conducted this month of over a hundred RoomSaver.com Travel Club members, hotel brand preferences were investigated. Results show thatrepparttar majority of respondents (34.8%) do not prefer a specific brand, instead they choose lodging based onrepparttar 149553 best possible rate.

Based on these findings, hoteliers would be wise to advertise their best rates to attract those online travelers who sort lodging search results by price first.

Hotel brands included inrepparttar 149554 survey were InterContinental Hotels, Choice Hotels, Marriott International, Best Western, La Quinta and Hilton. Twenty-five percent ofrepparttar 149555 respondents prefer Choice Hotels, followed by Marriott, Hilton, Best Western, La Quinta, and InterContinental Hotels, in consecutive order.

Since 1999, RoomSaver.com has specialized in showcasing hotels online and directing online travelers torepparttar 149556 hotel’s website, where they will findrepparttar 149557 best rates. RoomSaver.com provides a comprehensive hotel database for travelers while serving as a convenient and effective advertising forum for hoteliers and affiliate travel businesses.

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