Racing ATVs at any Level

Written by Mitch Johnson

Those of you who enjoy riding all terrain vehicles as a sport knowrepparttar wide spread competition among ATV racers. Some ATVers race their quads recreationally amongst their friends and others are much more serious racers. The serious ATV riders compete in races aroundrepparttar 137766 United States, some even aroundrepparttar 137767 world. These racers are most likely amateur or professional grade, meaning ATV racing is their life.

Along with dirt bikes, ATV quads are a type of motocross racing in most cases. Other ATV riders race in cross country competitions, such asrepparttar 137768 tournament in Las Vegas where riders race miles acrossrepparttar 137769 Mojave Desert. Inrepparttar 137770 ATVing and off road racing world, there are many already well established annual competitions in places such as Arizona and California, just to name a few. Each race, whether it is a traditional tournament or a newly established competition, will include a different ranking of racers. Some competitions are designated as professional races, where ATV riders are awardedrepparttar 137771 largest prizes of any competition for winning. Professional and high ranked competitions are, of course,repparttar 137772 most popular, haverepparttar 137773 largest audience and containrepparttar 137774 most rigorous racing trails. From professional ATV racing, other types of tournaments taper down to amateur and recreational riders. All types of ATV racing competitions draw a large and diverse crowd of supporters and spectators. Racing ATVs is a very competitive sport amongrepparttar 137775 participants, and even down to repparttar 137776 smallest local races, riders are serious about their sport.

Testing the Terrain with ATVs

Written by Mitch Johnson

Testingrepparttar Terrain with ATVs

Throughoutrepparttar 137765 years all terrain vehicles, ATVs, have become increasingly popular among a diverse audience of supporters. The growing popularity can most likely be attributed torepparttar 137766 discovery ofrepparttar 137767 wide range of tasks ATVs can perform. ATVs were made forrepparttar 137768 purpose of riding through rough terrain and their compact design, compared to trucks and sport utility vehicles, allows drivers to take them nearly anywhere off road. Even you may find how helpful an ATV can be for your uses. Initially people thought ATVs were only for recreational off roading; however, ATVs have become widely used as utility vehicles as well. If you are a farmer or a rancher, you have a lot of ground to cover each day to keep your property running smoothly. Modern farmers and ranchers have discoveredrepparttar 137769 efficiency of using ATVs as utility vehicles for driving around their property. Instead of using a truck, farmers can now go off road and more thoroughly check their land with ATVs. The sporting and recreational use of ATVs has not diminished; in fact, it has grown along withrepparttar 137770 new uses of these off road vehicles.

Off road trails solely for riding ATVs have been established all over repparttar 137771 world. If you are interested in investing in an ATV, you have a great opportunity to test them out first by visiting one or many of these off roading trails.

Since ATV use has risen throughrepparttar 137772 years, many locations have established rules for who can operate one and how to safely drive an ATV. You will need to check local sources for rules or laws about ATV around your area.

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