RSS vs Email: Its Not An Either-Or Question

Written by Priya Shah

If you’ve been getting caught up in all this talk of RSS versus email, its time to stop wondering.

Marketing Sherpa just posted a new report that stirred uprepparttar old RSS vs Email debate again.

The report starts out by stating, “It chills our blood when we hear email marketers and publishers blithely state, “I’m thinking about switching over to RSS entirely!” Oh no. Please don’t. RSS is worthy of testing, but it’s not an email replacement and it never will be.”

A report in Jupitermedia titled “E-Mail Marketing: Alive and Well” notes, “RSS won't be immediately effective as an alternative to e-mail marketing. (But) for some companies (primarily publishers who cater to a technical audience), it's sensible to press forward with RSS now as a supplement to e-mail marketing.”

A lot of people think this debate has been going on for long enough. RSS is NOT a replacement for email. It does not (and may never) rivalrepparttar 138390 marketing reach and immediacy of an email message.

Those who’ve been mourningrepparttar 138391 death of email marketing don’t seem to “get”repparttar 138392 fact that RSS hasn't reachedrepparttar 138393 tipping point yet. More people read email than RSS feeds – many more.

I believe that a smart publisher or marketer must use both - Email and RSS. Its not an either/or question.

I know for a fact that my blogs get read more when I send out an email with a “blog post roundup.” I personally prefer email and tend to read those blogs more frequently that use email notification.

Butrepparttar 138394 news is not all good for email marketing. According to DoubleClick, 64.7% of all legitimate email being sent (based on their own customers' stats) is never opened. Email delivery is cited asrepparttar 138395 #1 email marketing headache.

The good news is that email marketing has a terrific Return on Investment (ROI) bringing in $15.50 per dollar spent on a campaign according a report in Email Sherpa.

That $15.50 per email-marketing dollar spent is roughly 17% more than in direct-mail campaigns and 73% more than telemarketing campaigns.

eMarketer reports that email is still a powerful marketing tool if used well in a new report, "Email Marketing: How to Improve ROI."

Pennies On The Dollar - Buying Audio Software Smart. Part 5

Written by David D. Deprice

AT&T Natural Voices - $29

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Minimum system requirements are a 300 Mhz Processor w/ 128mb RAM and 500MB Free Disk Space (16khz versions require 1GB Free Disk Space). While on all systemsrepparttar 138229 Natural Voices™ work great when reading to MP3 and WAV files, on systems with less than 256MB Natural Voices™ can have pauses when reading aloud relating to loading voices into memory.

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