RSS more effective than email

Written by Allan Burns

Long have I been proclaimingrepparttar effectiveness of RSS as a communications channel for non personal communications over that of email. The protection and anonymity that RSS can offer over email means that it is fast becomingrepparttar 140500 preferred medium for many users. It seems visitors to your site now put more trust in RSS as they are five times more likely to subscribe to an RSS feed as they are torepparttar 140501 equivalent information via email.

A recent article from Rok Hrastnik at Marketing Studies shows that there is greater trust in RSS over email as well as RSS being more effective at attracting visitors back to your site. Over a 48 hour period it was shown thatrepparttar 140502 average CTR from feed to site was 23 percent. That means that nearly a quarter ofrepparttar 140503 readers of your RSS message click through back to your main site.

Rok's report also shows that there is a 6.8 percent average CTR from a content item in your feed torepparttar 140504 web page thatrepparttar 140505 content item points to. Better still isrepparttar 140506 results that show a 150 percent CTR from your feed torepparttar 140507 site within a 30 day period. That means on average each subscriber of your RSS feed clicks through to your site one and a half times each month.

Take Your Coat Off And Stay For A While

Written by Dan Brown

The more time people spend at your web site,repparttar more time you'll have to persuade them to buy your product or service. Below are ten powerful ways to keep visitors at your web site longer.

1. Provide your web site visitors with content they can't read anywhere else. People will stay longer at your web site to readrepparttar 140482 original content.

2. Remind your web site visitors they can print out your content. They may browse around your online store while it's printing.

3. Offer your web site visitors a freebie if they takerepparttar 140483 time to fill out your online survey. They'll be atrepparttar 140484 site longer and might buy something afterwards.

4. Offer your visitors free software that they can download right from your web site. While they are waiting they might read your ad.

5. Provide a huge online directory of information that your visitors could search. The directory must contain information your visitors would want.

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