RSS meet targets Advani

Written by kumar

The RSS is getting feedback from its 140 pracharaks or local leaders from acrossrepparttar country andrepparttar 146975 news is not good for BJP President LK Advani.

Many pracharaks want more pressure to be put on Advani after what they call his "ideological deviations".

However, with BJP National Secretary Sudheendra Kulkarni's resignation yesterday, one ofrepparttar 146976 major RSS demands has already been accepted.

RSS ideology

NDTV has learnt that these 140 pracharaks want to force Advani out ofrepparttar 146977 post of party president.

They sayrepparttar 146978 BJP chief's comments praising Jinnah have made it very difficult for them to projectrepparttar 146979 RSS ideology.

However, those attendingrepparttar 146980 meeting ostensibly to discuss training are not saying much on record.

"Allrepparttar 146981 issues are being discussed inrepparttar 146982 meeting. We will tell yourepparttar 146983 outcome atrepparttar 146984 end ofrepparttar 146985 three-day meet," said Kanshiram Rana, BJP leader.

Africa -Where's the Profit

Written by John Roberts

How pious those politicians are, When up there on T.V. Saying that, allrepparttar things they do, They do for you and me. I don't remember requesting weapons, Or to send my sons to war. Just how many tons of food, Would all that money provide for? I didn't ask for that highway, Orrepparttar 146889 ‘modern art' with purple lights. I would rather all those millions, Helped with Human Rights. Did I ask to stockpile food in hangars, Untilrepparttar 146890 price goes high. Why can't we send it, to Africa, Instead of letting them die. The cost of clothes, forrepparttar 146891 ‘P.M's' wife, Or evenrepparttar 146892 President's daughter.

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