RSS can keep you in the loop

Written by Allan Burns

When webmasters first hear about RSS they tend to concentrate onrepparttar promotional side of things. They want to know how it will bring more traffic to their site and get them higher rankings inrepparttar 139287 search engines. Webmasters always seem to ignorerepparttar 139288 fact that RSS can be used to keep up to date with your field of interest with little effort and saving you precious time. Time you could be spending promoting your site.

If you are a webmaster one ofrepparttar 139289 most time consuming activities is keeping up to date with what is going on in your field of interest. Usually you would be trawlingrepparttar 139290 search engines, visitingrepparttar 139291 forums and frequenting websites that cover your area of interest as well as sites of you competition. This as you well know takes time. You have to visit each site, see if there is any new content and then read it. What you need is a way for all this information to be gathered into one place where you can quickly scan through any new information.

How to use RSS correctly

Written by Allan Burns

There is no doubt in my mind that RSS is here to stay. RSS is a simple and effective means of communicating your message to your visitors without invading their privacy or spamming them. It has many benefits over email and there have been many reports ofrepparttar death of email due torepparttar 139286 continual rise of mass spamming and non delivery due to spam filters. By no means is email dead, it is stillrepparttar 139287 best personal communication method besides picking uprepparttar 139288 phone. It's just that RSS does some things much better than email.

I have been informing and educating webmasters about RSS since I first discoveredrepparttar 139289 potential of this medium. A whole industry has now grown up around RSS and now there are directories that specialise in listing RSS feeds and tools to help you create RSS feeds. Everyone seems to be jumping onrepparttar 139290 bandwagon and everybody seems to have their own opinions about how RSS should be used. Even Google has joined in to offer adsense in RSS feeds.

The problem I see is that improper use of RSS may well send RSSrepparttar 139291 way of email. Currently it seems that if you publish an RSS feedrepparttar 139292 contents of that feed seem to be considered public domain. The reasons for this is, I believe, to do withrepparttar 139293 way content is packaged in RSS, this makesrepparttar 139294 content easy to syndicate. It is not that difficult to create a script or desktop application to strip outrepparttar 139295 content of RSS feeds and publish them on someone else's website. There is even a few applications being sold for just this purpose.

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