RSS Feeds Have Revolutionized the Internet

Written by Gunnar Berglund

RSS feeds have revolutionizedrepparttar Internet for one very good reason: they have provided and end to Spam. With RSS feeds, you can say good-bye to mass emails and distributions that do not meet your news needs and clog up your mailbox and hard drive.

RSS technology provides a way to sort throughrepparttar 131513 vast amount of information available viarepparttar 131514 Internet and to select only that information that will best suit your needs.

RSS technology is easy to use and available torepparttar 131515 general public, and assists web masters and designers every day in their attempts to fine tune website torepparttar 131516 specifications ofrepparttar 131517 goal audience. RSS feeds provide a simple approach torepparttar 131518 perplexing problem of Spam, and are accessible at your fingertips.

An RSS editor or reader reads RSS feeds. An RSS feed is a small package of information that you can use to selectrepparttar 131519 larger article or content. RSS feeds containrepparttar 131520 title ofrepparttar 131521 article, and a synopsis of whatrepparttar 131522 article is about. The RSS feed significantly cuts down onrepparttar 131523 time you spend sorting through articles to pickrepparttar 131524 ones that meet your specific needs.

An RSS feed also sometimes contains a snippet ofrepparttar 131525 actual article, which will allow you to understandrepparttar 131526 feel and style ofrepparttar 131527 article. An RSS editor or reader can sort RSS feeds. This technology can be fine tuned to select RSS feeds for your perusal You can select based on title, content, or based onrepparttar 131528 origin ofrepparttar 131529 article. You can subscribe to certain news groups or can keep your RSS feeds more generalized.

Content Management Systems and building your eBiz

Written by Elray Jones

Content Management Systems and building your eBiz

As a retired Software Engineer(big word for under paid corporation slave). I got tired of setting around to house telling my cat to stop doingrepparttar things cats do. I started a side business repairing computers. But I messedrepparttar 131511 call of coding and creating things... that's what I like best about design be it software or graphics. When I worked at (Big unnamed corporation, because of on going law suit) we used things like CASE Tools, UML, COBRA, UniCenter and other things that will make you pull your hair out. When i started to look for a manageable platform to work with dynamic websites i have never heard of Opensource CMS's I was looking into .NET, then one day while poking around with Cpanel at my host i found PhpNuke...etc...andrepparttar 131512 rest is history. Most Content Management Systems, are a bit adhoc in there design, but you can work around that. Fast deployment of sites is what i find Content Management Systems, useful for. The learning curve for a neophyte is quite high, but design isrepparttar 131513 key. After your curve goes down you can deploy a site in a day!

Some Content Management Systems, CMS for short, can cost thousands of dollars. While others are opensource. I am focusing here onrepparttar 131514 opensource CMS called CPGNuke DragonFly. There are many more opensource CMS's that you can test drive at .

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