RSS - How to Promote and Profit From Your Feed

Written by Brendon Turner

Let me ask you three questions to get you thinking. Does your website offer an RSS feed? Are you promoting your feed effectively? Are you seeing an increase in profits as a result of offering a feed to your visitors?

I'm going to outline several actionable steps you can take to promote your RSS feed both internally on your own website and externally on other websites. Then I'm going to show you a couple of effective programs to generate more profits using your RSS feed. Read what I have to say carefully, and then act onrepparttar information. I guarantee you can take it torepparttar 151154 bank! I'm not just reiterating what others have said before. I actually acted and performed on my own websites everything I'm about to tell you andrepparttar 151155 results are awesome.

Promoting your RSS feed effectively requires a two prong approach. Start with examining your own website. Educate your visitors aboutrepparttar 151156 benefits of using your feed first. Then focus on external promotion second.

The average visitor won't understand what RSS is about, why it would benefit them to use it or how it even works. So there's no point in slapping uprepparttar 151157 little RSS Syndication logo on your website, linking it to your feed file and hoping people will subscribe. The simple fact is that they won't. You need to spend some time building a page on your website that briefly explains to your visitors what RSS is about and then show them how to use your feed.

Let me show you a solid example. Point your browser to this URL: On this page of my website I tell my visitorsrepparttar 151158 various ways they can receive my content. Along with subscribing torepparttar 151159 newsletter, a visitor is also able to subscribe torepparttar 151160 RSS feed. I don't want to overwhelm them so I keep it brief and educate them with four points. "What is RSS? How can I use RSS? How do I get a News Reader? Can I use these feeds on my website?" See also inrepparttar 151161 top ofrepparttar 151162 left column of that page (and every page on my website) how I giverepparttar 151163 visitor a quick teaser, mention a benefit to them and give them a link to my "RSS education" page? That's how I get my visitors to discover what RSS is all about. Then if you look inrepparttar 151164 center nearrepparttar 151165 top ofrepparttar 151166 page you'll seerepparttar 151167 little orange RSS image which doesn't just link only to my RSS feed file, I actually use a small snippet of JavaScript to make it easy for my visitors to automatically subscribe themselves to my feed with whichever news aggregator they happen to be using. Just mouse overrepparttar 151168 RSS button on that page to see what I'm talking about. You can download a copy of that JavaScript for free at

What's next? External feed promotion. There are lots of websites that accept RSS feed submissions. I'm not going to drop a large list of sites into this article but I have put together a large list of them here: Visit that page when you're ready to submit your RSS feed. I personally submitted my feed to each of those sites and took a brand new website which I own from zero traffic to consistently maintaining an average of 80 unique visitors per day in two weeks fromrepparttar 151169 date of submissions. So that really is a powerful submission list.

How to Keep Your Visitors on Your Site

Written by Matt Colyer

Do your web site's visitors keep on hittingrepparttar back button on their browser without even thinking twice and never come back? More often then not, web sites visitors are leaving fast as they came and forcingrepparttar 150741 web site owner to have to relook over their web site. So, how do you keep your visitors coming back and staying longer? Below is a list ofrepparttar 150742 top three reasons why your visitors are not coming back to your web site

Easy and fast navigation is a must. Visitors won't be able to get around if they don't understandrepparttar 150743 navigation system you have setup. Putrepparttar 150744 navigation system whererepparttar 150745 visitors expect it to be. Navigation should be placed atrepparttar 150746 top or onrepparttar 150747 left side ofrepparttar 150748 web site, these spots are popular places to placerepparttar 150749 navigation at and for good reason too, they are visible spots and almost all visitors will see it.

Other spots such asrepparttar 150750 right side recently have become somewhat popular, but isn't a good spot to have navigation at, I would only use it if it was a must or as a secondarily navigation system. Also adding navigation to bottom isn't a bad idea, since some visitors will end up atrepparttar 150751 bottom ofrepparttar 150752 page anyway, but should never berepparttar 150753 main navigation system becauserepparttar 150754 visitors would have to scroll down to view it.

Visitors want what they are looking for fast and when I say fast I mean now. One ofrepparttar 150755 best ways to allow your web site's visitors to find things fast is by adding search for your web site. It's also one ofrepparttar 150756 greatest ways to allow visitors to find exactly what they are looking for. Remember that it's just as important to provide good results as it is to provide one inrepparttar 150757 first place.

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