RSS: News You Choose

Written by S. Housley

Why is RSS So Magical? The answer is simple: RSS is news you choose.

How Does it Work? Publishers and webmasters provide content and news in an RSS feed. Users viewrepparttar content of interest in an RSS reader or news aggregator. The aggregator or reader containsrepparttar 133364 collection of feeds that are of interest torepparttar 133365 user. Asrepparttar 133366 RSS feed is updatedrepparttar 133367 content inrepparttar 133368 reader or aggregator updates withrepparttar 133369 new information. At any point, users can remove a feed from their aggregator or reader and no longer receive information from that source. Ultimately,repparttar 133370 user is choosingrepparttar 133371 news and content they wish to view.

As RSS has increased in popularity more and more webmasters and publishers have adopted RSS as an alternative communication stream. Webmasters use an RSS graphic to indicaterepparttar 133372 content is available via RSS.

RSS Aggregators and News Readers Generally, there are three types of RSS readers that users use to view feeds that they've subscribed to. Feeds can be viewed in a desktop application, web-based aggregator, or plug-in aggregator.

Desktop RSS Readers Standalone desktop applications generally run inrepparttar 133373 background, similar to an e-mail client, automatically refreshing headlines as newfeeds are updated. The RSS readers collectrepparttar 133374 feeds and refresh items inrepparttar 133375 feeds each time they are updated. An example of a popular standalone desktop RSS reader is: FeedDemon -

Web Based Aggregators Web-based news aggregators are online services. In simple terms, you can personalize a web page. Each time that page is accessed or each time you login torepparttar 133376 service,repparttar 133377 web page news headlines from feeds that you have selected will refresh. Examples of popular web-based RSS aggregators are: SurfPack - , FeedScout - or ActiveWeb Reader - . My.Yahoo even hasrepparttar 133378 option of including RSS feeds on My.Yahoo start pages.


Written by Arun Tibrewal

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