RPG:table and computer

Written by Efimov Peter

RPG: table and computer

It’s not a secret that table RPG games are not so popular as they used to be. However a certain number of amateurs are still fond of them. What is so particular about a pasteboard box or a book with rules? It seems that allrepparttar advantages have their ” younger computer brothers”: no manual calculations, no bricks (repparttar 142294 number of which is from one to almost 20). In general, no additional efforts are needed- just relax, play and don’t worry. But nothing ofrepparttar 142295 kind- groups of maniacs with burning eyes run torepparttar 142296 special shop( if there is any), buy another book, and having met in some dark place inrepparttar 142297 evening, start to crunch with pens and tinklerepparttar 142298 dice. Why are these poor things so attracted by this desperately ancient way of entertainment?

Let’s try to answer this question by displayingrepparttar 142299 most similar and different features of table and computer RPG. Firstly, any RPG is a Role Paying Game, which is supposed to have a character, and a system of his development. This feature is typical for bothrepparttar 142300 “brothers”. The character asrepparttar 142301 player’s realization inrepparttar 142302 created RPG world is very important. Your playing capabilities depend on his features. Secondly, any decent RPG is based on some world (sometimes, realistic but more often-fantastic one). The depth ofrepparttar 142303 world ( The card details, atmosphere entirety, detailed development ofrepparttar 142304 world components) and , so to say,repparttar 142305 mood (optimistic and colorful or destructive and gloomy, funny or extremely rigid, strict),- all this taken together definesrepparttar 142306 audience ofrepparttar 142307 game. These two points have a great meaning, they allowrepparttar 142308 player to associate himself with a certain character and being in his shoes to go throughrepparttar 142309 situations which are impossible in ordinary life. All this is very good but let’s return to our muttons: torepparttar 142310 difference between computer and table RPG. Probably, trite comparison of books and films will be torepparttar 142311 place here. The former make us use our brains and imagination,repparttar 142312 latter give us everything ready-made. The peculiarity of table RPG, its strong and atrepparttar 142313 same time weak point is hope for player’s imagination.. Inrepparttar 142314 classical table RPG you’ll find a text, some illustrations and… allrepparttar 142315 rest you should imagine yourself. It’s true, that duringrepparttar 142316 gaming process everything depends onrepparttar 142317 leader (Dungeon Master, Game Master, etc.) and onrepparttar 142318 players. The leader explainsrepparttar 142319 situation, describesrepparttar 142320 characters andrepparttar 142321 events orally (yes, he does it withrepparttar 142322 help of words!!!) andrepparttar 142323 players perceive this information judging from their abilities. What arerepparttar 142324 advantages of such a game play? They are quite evident: everyone perceivesrepparttar 142325 game in his own way (withrepparttar 142326 help of his imagination), but atrepparttar 142327 same time, ifrepparttar 142328 game is rather good, a special “field” of common perception and mood is formed. It’s not an allegation asrepparttar 142329 author has great experience of playing table RPG and so he knows all ins and outs. Whenrepparttar 142330 game has a success,repparttar 142331 players seem to be inrepparttar 142332 same “information field” and sometimes they don’t even perceiverepparttar 142333 events in real life. It’s just like reading a thrilling book. But sometimes such beauty turns into a terrible thing. What is so horrible about it? The trouble is,repparttar 142334 game may be a complete failure if it’s leaded by a talentless and not very experienced master, or ifrepparttar 142335 players turn out to be so-so (that is less critical). In such a caserepparttar 142336 game fails no matter how beautifulrepparttar 142337 original RPG world is. Everything gets wrong when after each wordrepparttar 142338 master utters: ”well, eh, oh…” and it takesrepparttar 142339 players 10 minutes to think over each further act. The game reaches a deadlock, a perfect illusion is breaking intorepparttar 142340 small pieces of separate sentences. I must admit, sometimes it’s all RPG developers ‘fault that such failures take place, especially whenrepparttar 142341 rules ofrepparttar 142342 game aren’t logical or overcharged with unnecessary details. Mayrepparttar 142343 fans forgive me, butrepparttar 142344 last timerepparttar 142345 author had to play AD&D, there was such a situation: -Player:” I want to kill that Gobline!” -Master: ”throwrepparttar 142346 dice for marksmanship. Uph, you shoot inrepparttar 142347 darkness-that means,repparttar 142348 fine should be taken into account. Well.. have you gotrepparttar 142349 bonus? Aha…I’ll find it, wait a bit… Oh… throw these three bricks on D-20,…Hmmm…where is that table? OK, we are going to count allrepparttar 142350 damages and take into account his armor andrepparttar 142351 spell and that’s all!” I don’t say everything was exactly so, but onrepparttar 142352 whole-justrepparttar 142353 way I described. What absorption into fantastic world can we talk about if you have to remember 20 figures and throwrepparttar 142354 dice dozen times for each act! But not allrepparttar 142355 table games have such a disadvantage. Besides, we may ignore too “hard” rules.

Beat The Summer Heat - What Size A/C Should You Buy

Written by Donald Grummett

Beatrepparttar summer heat - what size A/C do I need

What size air conditioner do I need?

A larger air conditioner will not always provide more cooling. It should be sized forrepparttar 142293 room area. If properly sized it should operate long enough to remove moisture fromrepparttar 142294 air. It isrepparttar 142295 moisture removed fromrepparttar 142296 room which actually producesrepparttar 142297 feeling of cooling. Unfortunately many people in their rush to purchase a window air conditioner buy too large a model.

Too large a unit can actually provide less cooling than a smaller, properly sized unit. This is because with an oversized air conditioner its run time is too short. Consequently it does not remove enough moisture fromrepparttar 142298 room to produce a feeling of comfort. If you’re A/C seems to cycle off and then back on every few minutes and does a poor job of cooling, it is probably oversized forrepparttar 142299 room.

Air conditioners are rated in BTU’s. British Thermal Units are a measurement of how much heat is being transferred formrepparttar 142300 room being cooled to whererepparttar 142301 heat is dumped out of doors. This is whyrepparttar 142302 cooing coil insiderepparttar 142303 room is cool torepparttar 142304 touch, whilerepparttar 142305 part that hangs outside is extremely hot.

A window air conditioner used inrepparttar 142306 average household room can be as low as 4000 BTU. While 5000, 6000, and 8000 arerepparttar 142307 most common sizes purchased.

How do I determine what size A/C I need? Following is a basic sizing chart for calculatingrepparttar 142308 window air conditioner needed for a room. Calculaterepparttar 142309 size ofrepparttar 142310 room by multiplyingrepparttar 142311 width ofrepparttar 142312 room byrepparttar 142313 length ofrepparttar 142314 room. Use your room size to determine what BTU's are required to cool that particular room size.

room in sq ft--------room in sq m----------A/C size in BTU's

100–250.................9–23...................5000–6000 250–400................23–37...................6000–8500 400–550................37–51...................8000–11000 550–875................51–811..................1000–15000

Based on a room occupied by two adults, having an average insulation, number of windows, and sun exposure.

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