ROS ( Rehabilitation of Occult Sciences ) : Astrology, Numerology, Telepathy

Written by Dr Kedar Joshi, PBSSI

ROS ( Rehabilitation of Occult Sciences ) is a component of Superultramodern Science (SS). Throughrepparttar NSTP (Non - Spatial Thinking Process) theory and other components of SS, like Superultramodern Scientism (SSism), sciences ( which, at present, are not generally regarded as sciences ) like astrology, numerology, telepathy could be rehabilitated (or scientifically supported). Current (i.e. modern/ultramodern) science is incapable of explainingrepparttar 127602 mechanism behindrepparttar 127603 natural workings entailed by these sciences; For example, how stars govern human condition. Throughrepparttar 127604 NSTP theoretical perspective

Major Scientific Discoveries foreshadowed in the Old Testament

Written by Terry Dashner

“Major Scientific Discoveries foreshadowed inrepparttar Old Testament”

Author: Terry Leon Dashner of Broken Arrow, OK

The bubonic plague killed one half ofrepparttar 127601 population of England. Some entire villages were destroyed byrepparttar 127602 disease. However, it was evident for all to see thatrepparttar 127603 Jewish people were escapingrepparttar 127604 plaque. Why did they escape? Because some 3000 years before bacteria was discovered,repparttar 127605 Creator gave instructions which are recorded inrepparttar 127606 Old Testament book of Leviticus that preventrepparttar 127607 spread of communicable disease. Those instructions require strict cleanliness and quarantines, and cleansing following contact withrepparttar 127608 sick orrepparttar 127609 dead. The Jews followed those instructions, and their lives were spared.

Ignaz Semmelweiss lived from 1818 until 1865. He was a Hungarian obstetrician and was connected withrepparttar 127610 Vienna General Hospital where he taught obstetrics to medical students. One day he was walking throughrepparttar 127611 lobby ofrepparttar 127612 hospital when he noticed a near-term pregnant woman weeping inconsolably. When he asked why, he was informed thatrepparttar 127613 distraught expectant mother had been assigned torepparttar 127614 obstetrics ward served byrepparttar 127615 medical students rather than torepparttar 127616 midwives. To her, that was a death sentence. She preferredrepparttar 127617 midwives becauserepparttar 127618 medical student ward had a terrible reputation for postpartum infection. The reputation was justly earned. One out of every six women delivered byrepparttar 127619 medical students died.

Dr. Semmelweiss wondered whatrepparttar 127620 difference was betweenrepparttar 127621 medical students andrepparttar 127622 midwives. Suddenly, he realizedrepparttar 127623 difference possibly wasrepparttar 127624 anatomy lab. In that day it was common forrepparttar 127625 medical students to dissect cadavers inrepparttar 127626 anatomy lab whilerepparttar 127627 expectant mothers labored in a nearby ward. Every now and thenrepparttar 127628 students would leaverepparttar 127629 lab to checkrepparttar 127630 progress of their patients by doing an internal exam. Dr. Semmelweiss wondered if there was a connection betweenrepparttar 127631 medical students who handledrepparttar 127632 dead corpses inrepparttar 127633 lab, and then without washing, used their hands to dorepparttar 127634 internal exams onrepparttar 127635 laboring women. He decided to order his students to rinse their hands in limewater before doingrepparttar 127636 exams onrepparttar 127637 women. Within one monthrepparttar 127638 death rate ofrepparttar 127639 women dropped from one in six to one in eighty-four! The results were indicative ofrepparttar 127640 benefits of followingrepparttar 127641 Bible's teaching about dead bodies and cleanliness.

Today we know aboutrepparttar 127642 transmission of bacteria that was taking place fromrepparttar 127643 cadavers torepparttar 127644 women. They did not know in Dr. Semmelweiss' time. Many more lives would have been saved, and much suffering avoided, if only people had by faith acceptedrepparttar 127645 Old Testament's teaching about cleanliness and practiced it (The Word on Health, Dr. Michael D. Jacobson, Moody Press, 2000).

When studyingrepparttar 127646 science ofrepparttar 127647 ancient world, one is more apt to be impressed with its ignorance than to admire its accuracy. However,repparttar 127648 Bible offers a definite exception to this rule. The scriptures are replete with statements suggesting scientific knowledge which predatesrepparttar 127649 corresponding discoveries of secular science. Given that Bible writers were not scientists, and given thatrepparttar 127650 scientific information at their disposal was generally misleading,repparttar 127651 accuracy ofrepparttar 127652 Bible can only be attributed torepparttar 127653 inspiration of God (“Examples of Scientific Accuracy inrepparttar 127654 bible” David Pyles). Let me begin by listing a few of these Biblical foreshadows.

For one, Genesis 10:25 speaks of one Peleg whose name means division. The text then explains that he was so named because in his daysrepparttar 127655 earth was divided. It is now commonly believed that all continents ofrepparttar 127656 earth were once combined into a single continent called Pangaea. This belief is based uponrepparttar 127657 fact that present continents appear somewhat as pieces out of a puzzle. There are also other evidences, including several geological similarities on matching continental edges (“Examples of Scientific Accuracy inrepparttar 127658 Bible” David Pyles).

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