ROSEMARY FLOWER CANDIES (Rosemarinus Officinalis)

Written by Simon Mitchell

When a herb or plant hasrepparttar designation 'officinalis' it means it has been recognised to have medicinal qualities. 'Rosemarinus', so called because of marine connections (colour of sea - grows by sea eg Mediterranean) is possiblyrepparttar 147763 best example of a herb that we commonly grow that has extensive folklore and many attributed medicinal values. It was beloved byrepparttar 147764 Romans, who bought it torepparttar 147765 UK from Turkey, they believed this valuable herb could preserve dead bodies from corruption and it was often strewn or grown in graveyards and around tombs. It was well known torepparttar 147766 Tudors as a stimulant torepparttar 147767 system. In 'The Garden of Health' (1579) William Langham writes: "Carryrepparttar 147768 flowers about thee to make thee merry and glad and well beloved of all men...hangrepparttar 147769 flowers on thy bed and place Rosemary inrepparttar 147770 bath to make thee lusty, lively, joyful, strong and young. To comfortrepparttar 147771 heart steep Rosemary flowers in rose water and drink it".

Gerard agrees in his 1636 Herbal: "The flowers of Rosemary, made up into lozenges with sugar and eaten makerepparttar 147772 heart merry, quickenrepparttar 147773 spirits and make them more lively". He also notes that Rosemary water acts as a breath freshener. Rosemary has long been recognised as a valuable heart and liver tonic and its use can help to reduce high blood pressure. It has been used inrepparttar 147774 treatment of nervous complaints, digestive disorders and menstrual pains. Rosemary is a symbol of constancy in love because it remains fresh and fragrant when cut, longer most other evergreens. For this reason it was often used for solemn occasions such as weddings or funerals - "Be it for my bridal or my burial". As in Shakespeare's Hamlet, Rosemary is for remembrance and inrepparttar 147775 language of flowersrepparttar 147776 gift of Rosemary means "Never will your memory fade". Ancient myth has it that 'Where Rosemary flourishes -repparttar 147777 woman rules'. Rosemary is sometimes used in psychic work as an aid to concentration, memory and mental steadyness. Underrepparttar 147778 pillow or overrepparttar 147779 bed its delicious aroma is said to prevent nightmares.

Subtle body imaging systems

Written by Simon Mitchell

Work with electrical fields that surround animals and plants suggestsrepparttar presence of an energy body. Studies using Kirlian photography show energy fields surrounding physical objects although there is still some debate as to what these actually are. One famous Kirlian experiment isrepparttar 147762 'Phantom Leaf Effect'. In this experimentrepparttar 147763 leaf is cut or torn andrepparttar 147764 top part removed. The Kirlian photographs taken reveal it still to be there as an etheric body, perhaps a 'holographic energy template' forrepparttar 147765 leaf, although there is much discussion as to what this effect actually is.

Electro-acupuncture systems show a way forward to combiningrepparttar 147766 best abilities of orthodox medical science with far more subtle and less invasive treatments. The Motoyama A.M.I. Machine comparesrepparttar 147767 electrical balance of two sides of a human body, by attaching electrodes to acupoints ofrepparttar 147768 12 main meridians. This machine allows observers to analyse subtle energy streams inrepparttar 147769 body. Acupuncture andrepparttar 147770 philosophy behind it has an enhanced understanding ofrepparttar 147771 energy systems that nurture cellular growth and repair.

The Voll machine or Dematron is another breakthrough device in this field that is relatively unheard of. Instead of monitoringrepparttar 147772 terminal acupoints as inrepparttar 147773 A.M.I. machine above,repparttar 147774 Voll machine measuresrepparttar 147775 electrical parameters of any single acupuncture point inrepparttar 147776 body. It can show which organs are affected by dis-ease (or un-ease) by analysingrepparttar 147777 electrical voltages associated with each spot. The Voll machine can help to findrepparttar 147778 reasons for energetic dysfunction and has a 'treatment mode'. This can apply energy atrepparttar 147779 right frequency through resonance, or is used to introduce other substances intorepparttar 147780 electrical circuit for resonance information. This technique is used to matchrepparttar 147781 frequency of homeopathic remedies torepparttar 147782 patient. The Voll machine is also used to studyrepparttar 147783 ill-effects of environmental poisons inrepparttar 147784 growing field of clinical ecology.

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