ROMANCE 101—How to turn Your Relationship into a Great Romance!

Written by Gina Woods

OK...Let's talk about romance! The #1 most important thing you need to turn your relationship into a great romance is DESIRE. You have to WANT great romance in your life. Well, who wouldn't want that? But it won't just will take some effort. But it will be well worth it!

When asking couples why they thinkrepparttar romance has escaped their relationships,repparttar 122042 most common excuse is TIME. It's sooooooo hard to find time and energy to devote to your relationships. But think for a moment back to your courtship. What was different then? Didn't you have a job then? Didn't you have other responsibilities then? Of course you did...maybe not torepparttar 122043 extent that you do now, but you still had a schedule to keep, whether it was attending college, studying, playing sports, attending club meetings, keeping a job, etc. But somehow you foundrepparttar 122044 time to "woo" your partner, right? You found time to date, right? Why? Because you WANTED TO! You planned it into your schedule and did it! And why were those times together so special? Because that specific amount of time was set aside and reserved for one reason...ROMANCE! And during those "dates" you gave 100% of your attention to each other, right? That's what made it special.

Now I want you to think aboutrepparttar 122045 last time you and your partner went out to dinner. What did you talk about? Maybe it wasrepparttar 122046 family finances, or difficulties at work, or...the KIDS. Wow, what a romantic dinner, huh? That'srepparttar 122047 problem. You have to learn to create romantic situations that focus 100% on each other. Saverepparttar 122048 "problem solving" for another time. I can't tell you how many times inrepparttar 122049 past my husband and I went out to dinner and whenever we got home, I didn't even feel like we went out! Why? Becauserepparttar 122050 whole time we were out, we were busy doing that "problem solving" stuff instead of enjoying what little time we had together. So, that'srepparttar 122051 second most important thing you need to turn your relationship into a great romance...PRIORITY. Make it a priority to spend quality, FOCUSED time with your partner. These special times should be set aside JUST forrepparttar 122052 two of you to enjoy each others company...nothing else...PERIOD.

Playful or Seductive - 10 kinky things to do this Valentines!

Written by Miss Kensington

Who said valentines was a dinner for two and quick shag atrepparttar end ofrepparttar 122041 night. Live a little and have some fun. Well fear not Miss Kensington comes torepparttar 122042 rescue, here are 10 kinky things to do this Valentines Day some are playful and some are very seductive you choose and maybe more than one!

Dinner 4 two cooking is very sensual but please be careful! Cook for your partner naked trust me it adds some light humour torepparttar 122043 evening you can also put desert onto his cock or her tits to take things a little further! A guy I met one tied a rose around his waist so it covered his cock!

Box of treats You need to both be in a playful mood for this one. Get a show box and wrap it in red paper and tie with a ribbon. Intorepparttar 122044 box put lots of toys each wrapped individually if you are inventive perhaps have a task on ideas include: satin ribbon long wide pieces forrepparttar 122045 eyes and thinner longer pieces forrepparttar 122046 hands and feet, love dice, feather with a task such as tickle me, bondage tape with a task such as wrap me up tits and crutch area are great bound, vibrator with a task such as find me a good home! These are all available on good internet sites, dont feel disgusted see it more as light-hearted fun. The key is you each un wrap a present and even come up with your own idea or perhaps you followrepparttar 122047 task.

Post it I love post it notes this is a great one forrepparttar 122048 guys since they dont have lingerie equivalent. The key is to leave post its all aroundrepparttar 122049 house which leadsrepparttar 122050 partner torepparttar 122051 bedroom withrepparttar 122052 final post it being on or aboutrepparttar 122053 person leadingrepparttar 122054 trail. For a girl on her tits and forrepparttar 122055 guy of course his prick. You can have post its such as drink this with a glass of champagne or perhaps eat this being a chocolate or actions such as slip into this or take off your X.

Dress to impress The least you can do girls is to wear a sexy push up bra, thong and suspenders perhaps with some black stilettos or guys why not buy all this as a gift for your girl?

Invitation Classic yet very effective. Leave your partner a note onrepparttar 122056 bed to meet you in a specific location at a specific time perhaps also leave something behind like a black thong or bow tie. Please make sure you mention to dress forrepparttar 122057 occasion! This works best when you are booked into a hotel or perhaps a restaurant. You meet up and create a new identity forrepparttar 122058 evening, act it our and have fun! Leave your partner a card withrepparttar 122059 desired identity so they can play along.

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