RF Engineering for 802.11 WLAN

Written by Joe Bardwell

The article describes electromagnetic propagation and how RF engineering concepts can be applied specifically to 802.11 Wi-Fi WLANs. The popular formulae often applied to wireless networking are explained in clear, concise terms, withrepparttar math and physics being included. These include free space path loss, Fresnel zone calculation,

The 21st Century Way To Build Equity

Written by B.F. Boggan

Here to stay and firmly established inrepparttar U.S. mortgage market, biweekly mortgage payments are gaining momentum. First introduced intorepparttar 133526 U.S. inrepparttar 133527 early 1980's by several small Northeastern Banks,repparttar 133528 idea of biweekly mortgages has its origins in Canada.

This concept soon becamerepparttar 133529 popular choice nationally within less than a decade after it's arrival placingrepparttar 133530 biweekly payment plan inrepparttar 133531 forefront of Canada's mortgage industry around 1972 for several good reasons. Considerrepparttar 133532 following:

1. Most people are paid weekly or biweekly, therefore, it is reasonable to have as an option "biweekly mortgage payments".

2. On a biweekly mortgage payment schedule, one half of a loan's monthly payment is made and credited torepparttar 133533 account holder every two weeks. This is equivalent to making 13 monthly payments instead ofrepparttar 133534 usual 12 monthly payments reducingrepparttar 133535 loan's payoff time.

3. Faster accumulation of equity build up of up to 300%, plus a reduction in interest owed onrepparttar 133536 loan due to your prepayment isrepparttar 133537 result of using a biweekly payment schedule; that's without any increase to your monthly output. In other words, you'll get more value per dollar and save thousands as well; as much as 25% to 30% in interest overrepparttar 133538 life ofrepparttar 133539 loan.

Combinerepparttar 133540 benefits of a biweekly payment schedule with a union between an Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) mode of account servicing that is governed by Regulation "E" ofrepparttar 133541 Federal Reserve to a plug intorepparttar 133542 internet and you will find a super-efficient, safe, consumer-friendly method of paying a monthly obligation that won't take a huge bite from one paycheck. It doesn't take nuclear physicists to understand why this type of arrangement is frequently referred to asrepparttar 133543 "Common Sense Mortgage".

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