Written by Andy Anderson


Sincerepparttar beginning of time it seems that whenever we've wanted to sell something we've either hung a notice outside our cave, or on our local shop's notice board, or placed classified advertisements in Local, State, or Trade newspapers. Today we can even try placing for-sale ads onrepparttar 127387 internet.

After placing our ads and seeing them published we expectrepparttar 127388 phone to ring, or emails to come pouring in, so put off going shopping confident that we'll still get torepparttar 127389 game inrepparttar 127390 afternoon after making our sale. Whenrepparttar 127391 phone does eventually ring it's our friend asking for confirmation of our presence atrepparttar 127392 stadium in an hour. The phone then starts going crazy and emails dribble in, so we have to stay in, only for those people to be "time wasters" or not to show at all.

The next call is from our friend giving us a serve for missingrepparttar 127393 best game ofrepparttar 127394 season!.

There must be a better way!


It's time to look for our Daughter's first car, so after checkingrepparttar 127395 bank account we head off torepparttar 127396 local, then not so local used-car lots to get an idea of what's available.

Well now we know what to look for, so it's time to start looking throughrepparttar 127397 Local, State, and Trade newspapers to findrepparttar 127398 car at a bargain basement price. A week and two missed games later this small task we've set ourselves is becoming a chore but we've got to dorepparttar 127399 right thing for our all-of-a-sudden grown up Daughter ( seems like she was in diapers only a year or so ago!) haven't we?

The Art of Cold Calling

Written by Brandy Deming

What ingredients go into a successful cold calling campaign?

A program that most people need or want, a good script, a lot of leads, and a great attitude! But where do you get these things and how do you tell if they are good or bad?

When evaluating a program you must ask yourself 5 key questions:

* Do most people want or need your product? * Is it a product that can be reordered frequently? * Would you take 10 minutes out of your day to consider it? * Can everyone equally benefit fromrepparttar program? * Does it have a training system in place?

If you answered "yes" to all these questions then you have a program that will work. It may take some time and persistence, but it will work. Not only will it work, but if almost everyone wants or needs your product then a cold calling campaign is a very productive advertising technique.

If your program lacks any of these features you can look over free training, sites, and promotional tools at: http:/

All ofrepparttar 127386 tools that I use for my program can be requested through this site after takingrepparttar 127387 tour. All of them you can use free of cost forrepparttar 127388 life of your program. It even includes a script that you can use.

A good script will ask questions that most people would say "Yes" to. Getting someone out ofrepparttar 127389 "No" mindset will help your script. Key opening questions can go something like this:

* Did I catch you at a good time? * Do you remember responding to a work at home ad?

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