Written by Irvin L. Rozier


In Junerepparttar Winn kinfolks gathered at Bobby's place It sure was good to seerepparttar 145946 smile on his face Bobby's house is byrepparttar 145947 peaceful Satilla River We all appreciate Bobby, he is a giver

Bobby and Nancy cooked up some fresh fish The rest of us brought a covered dish Aunt Mildred and Aunt Ida Mae were there The table was spread with some mighty fine fare

Aunt Irma's son, Alvin, prayed over our meal The presence ofrepparttar 145948 Lord you could surely feel As I looked around I could not see Some ofrepparttar 145949 loved ones who were dear to me

We all shared memories of Grandpa and Granny Winn We wrote some of them down with Aunt Mil's pen Bobby and Jeanette's daddy was killed in World War Two Uncle Jasper didn't get to see his children as they grew

Aunt Mildred's twin sister, Mary, is also my mother They sure did love and care for each other Mama has gone on to be withrepparttar 145950 Lord One day we will all have to cross over that ford

How Public Schools Lie To Parents And Betray Our Children

Written by Joel Turtel

Underrepparttar "No Child Left Behind Act," public schools whose students consistently fail standardized tests can now be shut down. To protect their jobs, teachers and principals are now under intense pressure to cheat — to fudge test scores and report cards to fool parents and school administrators.

How do public schools deceive parents? Joel Turtel, author ofrepparttar 145934 new book, "Public Schools, Public Menace: How Public Schools Lie to Parents and Betray Our Children," lists some ofrepparttar 145935 ways public schools can “cheat”:

1. Poor students are excluded or discouraged from takingrepparttar 145936 tests.

2. Teachers assign tests as homework or teach test items in class.

3. Test security is minimal or even nonexistent.

4. Students are allowed more time than prescribed by test regulations.

5. Unrealistic, highly improbable improvements from test to test are not audited or investigated.

6. Teachers and administrators are not punished for flagrant violations of test procedures.

7. Test results are reported in ways that exaggerate achievement levels. (from Myron Lieberman's book, "Public Education: An Autopsy")

In December 1999, a special investigation of New York City schools revealed that two principals and dozens of teachers and assistant teachers were helping students cheat on standardized math and reading tests.

Andrew J. Coulson, in his brilliant book, "Market Education: The Unknown History," cites an example of how public schools deliberately lie to parents about their children’s academic abilities:

“Consistently greeted by A’s and B’s on their children’s report cards,repparttar 145937 parents of Zavala Elementary School had been lulled into complacency, believing that bothrepparttar 145938 school and its students were performing well. In fact, Zavala was one ofrepparttar 145939 worst schools inrepparttar 145940 district, and its students ranked nearrepparttar 145941 bottom on statewide standardized tests. When a new principal took overrepparttar 145942 helm and requested thatrepparttar 145943 statewide scores be read out at a PTA meeting, parents were dismayed by their children’s abysmal showing, and furious with teachers and school officials for misleading them with inflated grades.”

In 1992,repparttar 145944 scholarly journal Educational Measurement: Issues and Practice publishedrepparttar 145945 results of a national survey about teacher cheating. Janie Hall and Paul Kleine,repparttar 145946 authors ofrepparttar 145947 report, asked 2256 public-school teachers, principals, superintendents, and testing supervisors if their colleagues cheated on tests. Forty-four percent of those questioned answered yes. Also, 55 percent ofrepparttar 145948 teachers surveyed said they were aware that many of their fellow teachers changed students' answers, taught specific parts of tests prior torepparttar 145949 tests, and gave students hints during tests. Today,repparttar 145950 pressure for teachers and principals to cheat is even greater because ofrepparttar 145951 No Child Left Behind Act.

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