Written by Howard Hopkins

Promoting onrepparttar internet can sometimes feel like a cold, detached endeavor. There are scores of places to list a new ebook, request a review or drop a press release. But most contact with potential readers comes inrepparttar 125076 form of printed words on a screen. While that's what you are trying to sell to begin with, your printed words on a screen, a certain level of intimacy is missing. Printed words carryrepparttar 125077 tone inrepparttar 125078 reader's mind, their interpretation ofrepparttar 125079 author's phrasing and rhythm. That's all well and good but how do you create that elusive intimacy with your reader that goes beyondrepparttar 125080 sound of their own thoughts? Or entice new readers to "hear" your words in your voice when they read?

For print authors--and sometimes e-authors--there isrepparttar 125081 author signing. Of course, this is somewhat limited by area and tour itinerary. Even so, most e-authors can't afford author tours andrepparttar 125082 luxury of reading to their readers and potential readers is limited.

So why not create a sound byte those readers can download, either when they buyrepparttar 125083 book or before? Let them hear your voice, so you are more than just a few printed words on a screen. Become three-dimensional in their mind, get close up and in mono.

Creating a sound byte is not difficult and in fact can be constructed even on older computers. I created one using Windat on Windows 3.11, but it can be done with sound recorder on later Win versions.

Instant Profits with Cross Promotion

Written by Terry Telford

Business is business. Whether you are marketing online or offline,repparttar same principles apply. Yes there are differences, but think aboutrepparttar 125075 marketing tactics used offline that you can apply to your online business.

Here's a quick idea that can instantly generate a profit for you. Cross promotion.

How many times have you seen offers like this:

Get a FREE tent when you buy a new canoe, today!

Get a FREE movie pass when you have dinner with us!

And of course this works online.

Have you subscribed to an online newsletter (eZine) lately? If you didn't get a FREE eBook or FREE report with your subscription, it would be surprising. The Marketing Pack Journal comes with a FREE eBook showing you how to increase your sales by 1200%. Simply click on and see how fast and easy it can be done.

But let's take this concept one step further. Have you thought aboutrepparttar 125076 potential of cross promoting one or more of your products to one or more of your lists?

Many businesses, on and offline, have multiple lists. A list of customers for specific products, a list of prospects, a list of eZine or newsletter subscribers and many others. You can make instant profits from cross promoting to these lists and it doesn't cost you an arm and a leg.

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