Written by Irvin L. Rozier

This is part three of a radio sermon I preached in 1994.

Luke 6 verse 37 "Judge not, and ye shall not be judged: condemn not, and ye shall not be condemned: forgive, and ye shall be forgiven:"

If somebody wrongs you, our Bible tells us we have to forgive them. If you wrong someone, you need to ask for forgiveness. Something happened to me over two years ago at a church. This particular church was having a series of meetings..."revival" it is called. The singing was great andrepparttar evangelist started preaching; he went on and on and on. Finally,repparttar 137932 invitation song was being sung, and there, onrepparttar 137933 back bench nearby me was an old man. Atrepparttar 137934 invitation song,repparttar 137935 old man got up and went outrepparttar 137936 door. The Lord spoke to me, and said, "Go see about him." So, I too, got up and went out. I found him, he had lost control of his bladder, and his pants was wet. He was so upset, he couldn't even find his car. I helped him, reassured him, and prayed for him. He had lost his wife and was missing her. About three months later, this man went on to be with Jesus. As I prayed for him that night,repparttar 137937 love and compassion of Jesus was so real and so strong.

Ministry Consultant

Written by Bill Naugle

New Ministry Consultant that can truly help with Donations!

Naugle Ministries has some new ideas that will help promote any large Television Christian Ministry to almost double their size. Naugle Ministries underrepparttar leadership of Bill Nauglerepparttar 137855 newest and one ofrepparttar 137856 fastest growing Ministry Consultants has specialized himself in three major areas of Christian Ministry. Christian Ministries are asking for a Ministry Consultant to help them with: 1. Expense Reduction. 2. Increase sale of their books. 3. Increase Donations. Ministry Consultant Bill Naugle has developed a plan to obtain each of these objectives. These plans are simple and easy to implement at a very low cost. The fees are only 10% ofrepparttar 137857 new book sales under this plan. All new donations under this new plan will only be a 10% fee. The Christian Ministry who hires Naugle Ministries, as their Consultant will be bringing in thousands of dollars in new donations every month for a very small fee. Naugle Ministries wants Christian Ministries to prosper so that their organization and work will expand to send outrepparttar 137858 Gospel and feedrepparttar 137859 poor. There are no upfront fees. Naugle Ministries only gets paid whenrepparttar 137860 hiring Ministry profits. These ideas are original and effective. Just by simple observation of many Christian Ministries that are on television one can determine that their operations are behindrepparttar 137861 times of modern technology in today’s growing industry. Christian Ministries haverepparttar 137862 technology, but are they using it to its full potential? Ministry Consultant Bill Naugle will be pleased to help any Christian Ministry reach a higher level of productivity.

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